How to run Livepeer with Geth?



Love the concept of Livepeer, love your work!

I successfully run the tutorial and done my first broadcast under Livepeer testnet;
however, I progress to this part:
and it seems fine to boot on and start downloading, but now I seems don’t know how to run livepeer command with this geth thing…
I think I still connected to Livepeer testnet…

If there’s no such thing “Run Livepeer w/ my own Geth”, then why I need to get a new ETH account open in Geth?

Sorry, I’m super new to be here and this is my first time playing Livepeer and Geth. So I know my question must seem silly… please forgive me. Hope I can get some direction and help here. Thanks!



Good question. Looks like the docs might need an update. I’m thinking that the flags that you need to connect to your own Geth node rather than the remote hosted one are either -ethIpcPath or -ethWsURL

From livepeer -help

  -ethAcctAddr string
    	Existing Eth account address
  -ethIpcPath string
    	Path for eth IPC file
  -ethKeystorePath string
    	Path for the Eth Key
  -ethPassword string
    	Password for existing Eth account address
  -ethWsUrl string
    	geth websocket url

When you start Geth, I believe it creates a .ipc file in its datadir. If you provide the path to this file as the -ethIpcPath then it will likely connect to that node. I think @ericxtang can confirm, and update the docs?


Hi JC,

Your local Geth seems to be connected correctly.

@dob is right that our doc needs an update. You don’t need to run a local Geth node to use Livepeer. Simply running livepeer -testnet is enough to connect to the Livepeer testnet in onchain mode.