I need to contact 0x525 vires in numeris #5324

I am very sorry for creating this as a post, but I have tried every other way I could find to contact you. You are in no trouble, and I am just a retired Navy guy who listened to someone and blindly followed their instructions on staking in Livepeer.

I’m kind of old and slow at most things these days and could really use your help on fixing my account. Not sure if it’s ok to post emails, phone numbers or such so please don’t explode if I break the rules.

I do have Telegram loaded now on my phone so if you tell me how to get a hold of you that way, I will use that method. But again, I’m not too good at that either.

My email is retnavyskc@yahoo.com, hope to hear from you soon, hope you all had a nice and safe Holiday season.


Hey there! Join the Livepeer Discord (Link: Livepeer) and send me a friend request so we can chat. @ me in the general channel if I don’t respond to your request