Community FAQ For Tali Implementation

Hey everyone,

For those who missed the watercooler chat on 4/17/23, we had a couple of awesome guests join us from Tali They’re building an AI-powered Discord bot that can automatically answer questions. This is especially useful for Livepeer since we often get the same 10-20 questions over and over.

Watercooler recording:

Tali’s goal is to create a powerful assistant that will eventually be able to act as a senior developer, not only answering questions but also assessing code and having dynamic conversations with developers based on trained data.

Tali is in its early stages, and in order for it to work well with Livepeer we need to come together as a community and aggregate FAQ’s in this thread. A good place to start is the Discord message history since that’s where most questions are asked.


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Q: How do I bridge LPT to Arbitrum?
A: Use the official Arbitrum Bridge (

Q: How do I stake Livepeer?
A: Visit the official Livepeer explorer (, connect wallet, select the Orchestrator you want to stake to, select the “Delegate” tab and input the amount you want to stake.

Q: What websites use Livepeer?
A: Sevral websites such as Xeenon, Bonfire and Lenstube are built on Livepeer. View a full list of apps on the Livepeer ecosystem page(Livepeer - Ecosystem)

Q: Can I dual mine with Livepeer?
A: Yes, a full guide can be found here: (Dual Mine - Livepeer Documentation) NOTE: VRAM available on your GPU will affect the number of concurrent streams that can be transcoded while dual mining.

Q: How do I patch my Nvidia GPU?
A: Visit the Keylase patch (GitHub - keylase/nvidia-patch: This patch removes restriction on maximum number of simultaneous NVENC video encoding sessions imposed by Nvidia to consumer-grade GPUs.), run and install the patching software for your version of Driver.

Not a very comprehensive list and the answers are pretty short, but these are definitely some common questions.


Q. How do I buy LPT directly on Layer 2 (Arbitrum) using fiat currency (USD)?
A. Use a fiat onramp that supports the Arbitrum network, see Arbitrum Portal — Your Gateway into Arbitrum

Q. What are Fiat Onramps?
A. Fiat onramps involve exchanges that facilitate the trading of cryptocurrencies with fiat currency. These platforms provide traders with a way to deposit their fiat currency and then use it to purchase cryptocurrencies at the prevailing market rates. Ex.