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Hello fellow Livepeer Orchestrators, Delegators, Broadcasters, and ever helpful denizens of the livepeer Discord,

As a Software/ML Engineer by trade, and a fan of distributed computing and blockchain technology, I found Livepeer to be a very compelling project with its great community and huge potential.

Started transcoding in March 2021 and so far, fully self-staked to stay in the top 50 by stake. We were able to sustain an average of ~8 concurrent streams split between a 2080ti and 3090 during June when traffic was high, redeeming a couple winning tickets.

As of late, orchestrator has been receiving 2-6 streams of work intermittently for a few hours at a time, and ranking in the top 30 transcoders on ( as high as #16 with a regional high score of 0.9384 and average of 0.6738 ).

I am surveying co-location/hosting options, moving to a rack mount with at least one Quadro RTX 4000, and possibly one or two 2080ti blowers as soon as possible.

Currently at 25% Reward Cut and 90% Fee Cut, I will lower the fee cut as more work comes in. Also planning to call auto-reward once it makes sense financially. Glad to be able to help power the Livepeer network, any staking support is greatly appreciated.

Thank you!


Delegate here:

Feel free to contact me on discord @_ptr or in this forum thread.

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Performance leaderboard position as of 8/26/21:

Regional High Score:

Thanks to @Titan-Node and his research on geo-location based DNS routing, we now have 2 nodes to serve the globe, dynamically splitting work between Afro-Eurasia and the Americas.

This growing network has now been re-branded Interptr.

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Interptr has been consistently ranking amongst the top nodes in the leaderboard for a couple weeks now and following the addition of a third orchestrator node currently ranking #1 with a regional high score of 0.9998 and a global average of 0.9009! We’ve finally broke the 9.0 barrier ( barely at 9.01 rounded ) on Livepeer Explorer - Orchestrators

Recently been making as many reward calls as possible, while trying to stay under ~40gwei/call. Fee structure is currently at 20% reward cut and 80% fee cut, and with the launch of our website at, hoping to draw some delegation attention.

Thanks to the wildly successful migration to Arbitrum layer-2, It is with great enthusiasm that we can now call reward daily!

In addition, we have lowered our reward cut from 50% to just 5%, and fee cut is still at just 25%! We originally planned to raise our fee cut at the end of 2021, but we will continue this generous structure at least through the end of March 2022.

We’re not in the #1 position of the performance leaderboard anymore, but not due to degradation of our services. The ‘competition’ has heated up - and we’re happy about it! This just means better performance for broadcasters across the livepeer network. We’re working hard to upgrade our existing infrastructure and plan to add more transcode nodes soon.

For more info, check our about page (The Interptr Network - Interptr), which we update more regularly than this thread.

A big thank you to all our delegators and the team at Livepeer, Inc!