Transcoder Campaign: 0x10e | _ptr

Hello fellow Livepeer Orchestrators, Delegators, Broadcasters, and ever helpful denizens of the livepeer Discord,

As a Software/ML Engineer by trade, and a fan of distributed computing and blockchain technology, I found Livepeer to be a very compelling project with its great community and huge potential.

Started transcoding in March 2021 and so far, fully self-staked to stay in the top 50 by stake. We were able to sustain an average of ~8 concurrent streams split between a 2080ti and 3090 during June when traffic was high, redeeming a couple winning tickets.

As of late, orchestrator has been receiving 2-6 streams of work intermittently for a few hours at a time, and ranking in the top 30 transcoders on ( as high as #16 with a regional high score of 0.9384 and average of 0.6738 ).

I am surveying co-location/hosting options, moving to a rack mount with at least one Quadro RTX 4000, and possibly one or two 2080ti blowers as soon as possible.

Currently at 25% Reward Cut and 90% Fee Cut, I will lower the fee cut as more work comes in. Also planning to call auto-reward once it makes sense financially. Glad to be able to help power the Livepeer network, any staking support is greatly appreciated.

Thank you!


Delegate here:

Feel free to contact me on discord @_ptr or in this forum thread.

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Performance leaderboard position as of 8/26/21:

Regional High Score:

Thanks to @Titan-Node and his research on geo-location based DNS routing, we now have 2 nodes to serve the globe, dynamically splitting work between Afro-Eurasia and the Americas.

This growing network has now been re-branded Interptr.

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Interptr has been consistently ranking amongst the top nodes in the leaderboard for a couple weeks now and following the addition of a third orchestrator node currently ranking #1 with a regional high score of 0.9998 and a global average of 0.9009! We’ve finally broke the 9.0 barrier ( barely at 9.01 rounded ) on Livepeer Explorer - Orchestrators

Recently been making as many reward calls as possible, while trying to stay under ~40gwei/call. Fee structure is currently at 20% reward cut and 80% fee cut, and with the launch of our website at, hoping to draw some delegation attention.