Transcoder Campaign: @j1v


I guess it’s clear, I am new here

Started a node recently, to learn the tech behind livepeer

Running it on a dedicated server, connected to my full ethereum node .

I’m an experienced tech guy, dealing with systems and networking since forever ( 22 years ), currently extremely passioned about cryptonomics and decentralisation.

Starting with very low reward cut, so I could eventually receive some more funds :slight_smile:

Feel free to support me and help decentralisation by bonding your LPT tokens here :


Node passed a couple of successful rounds, no issues for now. Thanks to the person, who trusted me and staked 3000 LPT - it was motivating.

As I’m still a beginner and do believe more in economical incentives than marketing, i’m lowering the reward cut to 0.4% for the next round in order to be more competitive


A few rounds later, node has been staked 1500 more LPT, and claimed all of the rounds.

I’m glad there are also bonds from different accounts, staking smaller sums.

No changes will be made for the next rounds, as the node is still one of the most competitive ones.


I am wondering what’s the logic behind such a move. First staking on a transcoder with a lower cut fee ( 0.4% / 4471.31 LPT staked ), and next, in less than an hour, move it to the biggest transcoder, that has higher fee ( 0.9% / 706788.5 LPT staked ).

As far as I see, he thinks the more bonded LPT on that node will bring him more rewards. What do you guys think ?


10 successful rounds, no missed rewards.

I’m lowering again the reward cut to 0.34% to become again the lowest from all the trnascoders


I think you’re right. It’s kinda like the mentality of supporting the football team at the top of the league.


Moving upwards to 17th place, thanks to a hefty stake.

I’ll continue to follow my plan to be the most competitive node with the lowest reward cut providing the highest reward for the stakers.

No changes needed this round.


0.24% reward cut.

We’ll see where this is going to become pointless.


Node is still the one with the lowest reward cut and the result is already visible.

No rounds missed, still running stable.
Thanks for your trust.


There is a new node, running at 0% reward.

I don’t find the logic behind that, so I’m not going after him.

My node is still the one with the lowest reward cut ( 0.24% ) from those actually taking fees, so no changes at this moment.

21 rounds running stable with no missed claims. Thanks to all the delegators.


Looks like the previous post did reach the owner of the node with 0% reward cut as he raised it to 0.20%.

I’m not going ot lowbid that, but at least will match it and lower mine to 0.20% :

Invoking transaction: "transcoder". Hash: "0x3de4810dcd700e8c4308f3b7f079cef4bafdd612e75305850033961081e55690". Params: [2000 1000000 150000000000] :

A reward cut of 0.2% will kick in next round


For some reason explorer is sometimes showing a missed round ( as on all other transcoders ) - it’s not true.

All round rewards called successfully so far and not a round missed.