Transcoder Campaign: Authority_Null

Hey everyone,

We’re a pretty new Orchestrator based out of New Jersey currently. When we heard about Livepeer we immediately knew getting involved was a must and while we had a bit of a rocky start, the Authority_Null node is up and running smoothly.

Even with the lack of work being distributed to the Authority_Null node due to its current low stake, we’re consistently placing in the top 5 globally. We’re running on a fiber connection, powering streams with a 2080ti, however the goal is to expand and grow as the Livepeer protocol scales.

Staking with us means staking with freedom-minded creators, who when not geeking out over new tech and platforms like Livepeer, are shooting and editing content for social media in the industries that continue to shape this world, like crypto, cannabis and fitness. We are truly passionate about video and it’s future. We understand the impact decentralized transcoding networks will have on the media industry, and we’re here for the long run.

Consider helping us get our feet planted firmly on the ground and delegate LPT. Calling daily rewards is impossible at the moment but this will change as we grow.

Delegate here:

Feel free to message us here or on discord f you have any questions.


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Update 11/10/21

We will be switching from the 2080ti to multiple 1080’s/1070’s for efficiency in the coming days.
This will allow us to keep our primary workload (editing and possibly mining) completely separate from transcoding which will hopefully boost our score while providing a higher session count when necessary.

We may also be designating a separate rig for all things Livepeer in the near future.


Update 11/11/21

Our Orchestrator was put to work last night, receiving consistent streams over a 12 hour period. This propelled us to the number 1 spot for global performance and while we may not hold that position for long, it’s comforting to know that a small Orchestrator has the ability to perform so well.

We’ve also secured a deposit on a computer that will be used for Livepeer work ONLY and should have that online and ready to receive streams in the coming weeks.

Also, in the spirit of full transparency - here are some things to note before choosing to stake with us:

  • While media is our forte, networking isn’t
    We’re constantly learning and adapting to an ever-evolving industry.

  • We’re optimizing our Orchestrator structure for scalability
    This means our primary focus is being able to adapt quickly, upgrade, move locations and set up new nodes when called for.

  • Staking with us IS risky
    Our node is not yet profitable enough to become a full-time gig and while that is our ultimate goal, current reliability of our node hangs in the balance of a residential ISP, which means we lack full control of our network. This doesn’t mean we don’t have a powerful connection because we do - just look at the leaderboard, however when staking with us keep in mind that you’re taking a bigger risk than going with a larger, more established Orchestrator.

  • Rewards are scarce
    As mentioned earlier, calling rewards is simply not an option for small Orchestrators at the moment, meaning the only return on your investment would be a cut from a winning ticket, which is a lottery-based system. If you choose to stake your LPT with us, it’s important to understand that you’re investing in us just as much as you’re investing in the LP platform, and a return on said investment may not come quickly. It’s not what anyone wants to hear, but that’s just how things are in the current crypto paradigm.

All that being said, because we’re a small Orchestrator, even delegating a very small portion of LPT to our node can greatly help us! We recommend keeping an eye on our performance/reliability for at least a week before making your decision.

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Update 11/12/21 4:30PM

We may move down a few places on the leaderboard today as we are performing hardware upgrades.


We’re back up and running!

Update 11/13/21

Since upgrading we’ve hit a new PR with 10 concurrent streams!

We’ve been up and running for just a bout a week and today is our best day BY FAR. We’ve also managed to grab a perfect score in our region, while maintaining top 5 globally.

This is a great start for us and most of it is thanks to the incredible amount of help we’ve received in discord.


Update 11/15/21

Our first week is in the bag!

So far we’ve hit 15 concurrent streams, 16,000 minutes transcoded with 17,000 tickets received.
We’ve also secured first place for global performance as well has holding first place in both New York and Chicago!

Update 11/16/21

We’ve transitioned to Ubuntu!

Thanks to help from the community (primarily ftkuhnsman) we’ve successfully moved our node onto its own machine, increasing stability and efficiency overall. The original machine will now act as a backup.

Update 11/19/21

This week has been really busy for us.

We maxed out one of our GPU’s for the first time, got a perfect score in our region and received our first winning ticket after about 10 days of transcoding.

We also ran into an issue with Ubuntu dragging us down on the leaderboard for 24 hours but it’s been resolved and we’re back in the top 5-10 in the US.

There’s plenty of room for improvement but we’re doing well!

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UPDATE 11/20/21

We know how important branding is which is why we’ve been hard at work designing the identity behind the Authority_Null Orchestrator and we’re happy to say a landing page is on its way!

The goal with this is to provide tidbits of information about Livepeer accompanied by some subtle animation, while advertising our node in hopes to acquire some stake from delegators.

While the design is still a work in progress, here’s a sneak peek: