Transcoder Campain: Livetranscoder

Hey guys,

This is or livetranscoder.eth. We’re happy to officially announce that we join this beautiful community that is Livepeer!

Livetranscoder is operated by a team of experienced software engineer that works in the server hosting industry in a major cloud provider.
We’ve been running since mid-july 2022 as a Proof of Concept (PoC) and now we’re slowly opening our network to public transcoders that just want to transcode without the hassle.

Our orchestrator is ran on Kubernetes with a fully configured alerting system that monitor the health of our infrastructure and services.

Our current PoP (Point of Presence) are:

  • New-York
  • London

We currently run our own transcoders on the pool with 2x QUADRO 4000 located in both regions.

Currently our cuts are:

  • Reward cut 5%
  • Fee cut 95%
    Our cut will be lowered very soon

If you wish to stake with us, you can find our orchestrator on the Livepeer Explorer.

We will update this thread with all our updates, in the meantime feel free to contact us at or on the Livepeer Discord.

Kind regards,
Livetranscoder Team.


Update 17 July 2022:

We updated our current rewards and fees cut !

New configuration:

  • Fee cut: 73%
  • Reward cut: 5%

This is good news for potential delagators looking to stake with us!

A new PoP (Point of Presence) got deployed in Frankfurt!
This new location allow us to reduce even more our latency time with the current broadcaster.

This effort is already paying off on the performance leaderboard on the explorer. We are on the first page of the leaderboard!

To reduce our latency time with Singapore, we’re currently investigating the deployment of a cluster in Singapore! This should put us in a very good position.

Kind regards,
Livetranscoder Team.

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Update 20 July 2022:

Two days ago, we were posting about our scaling efforts and today we just saw the results of those efforts:


We’re very pleased to announce that we just won our first winning ticket :rocket: !

This is just the beginning so don’t forget to stake with us or join us as an external transcoder by contacting us :smiley:

As I said this is just the start of our journey… We just deployed a new PoP in Singapore :singapore:!

The end goal of this new PoP is to reduce our latency time with the current main broadcaster of Livepeer. Singapore was the last location where our latency was not the best.
Now this is old story as we have our own deployment there, it’s pretty fast now :dash:

Kind regards,
Livetranscoder Team.

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