Transcoder Campaign: fintechcity.eth

Hi fellow Os and Ts.

I am from Singapore and have been running O/T for over a month. You can find my site at (under-construction) I come from an investment/fintech background but used to be DevOps/Cloud Architect for most of my career. Quite a mix but that is why I am here at Livepeer to use all that I know to run the Livepeer Transcoders in production.

Why Stake with me
I have maintained 9.99 to 10.0 score in the leaderboards for over a month. Look at the fee cut here
(I can’t do links yet) search for fintechcity.eth
It is nominal fee to attract more stake to fill up the transcoder jobs.

Due to lower stake sometimes the O will fall out of the active list. But its only a few LPT away from being active which is why I am here. Any stake right now has the maximum return that I can set. If there is enough stake I can adjust the scale to match my resources and be completely transparent on the tiers when they are implemented.

Save cost but provide maximum performance and stability.
There are 3 transcoder pods.

  • 3 x 1080 , 32 GB RAM
  • 2 x 3090 , 128Gb RAM
  • 2 x 4090 , 64 GB RAM
  • A separate dedicated Orchestrator
  • Failover connectivity. Both connections are 1 Gbps
  • Currently all nodes are in Singapore.
  • A separate pod that runs monitoring and reward calling checks.
    A total of 100 sessions are currently possible but it can go higher.

As of now there is barely enough work being sent to occupy one pod 20% so there is a lot of headroom to grow. The O/T do a good job of allocating the transcoding jobs to all pods.
It is possible to serve other regions if I can get more stake to spend the earnings on other regions.

** Development **
I’d like to focus on development and maintenance of the livepeer O/T and grow it to other regions. I can develop tooling to help with maintenance and performance of the ecosystem.

Thanks and appreciation
To all the members in Discord who have helped me with troubleshooting and figuring out how to get the setup going.

Thank you for your time

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