Livepeer Campaign

Hey Livepeer peers,

Greetings from Orchestrator node JJassonn69.

I would like to offer everyone with extra LPT in their wallet to take a time some time and realize the potential of getting +21.58% on your LPT (according to the livepeer explorer).

If you are willing, this extra LPT stake at my node would result in us getting more transcoding tasks which will also result in you getting paid more on fees.

Currently my cut structure is 20-80, 20% of the reward cut and 80% of the fee cut. But once the node becomes more profitable we can change that to benefit more staking and growing the node even further.

I have not been able to call the daily rewards because of the insanely high gas prices but upcoming EIP1559 and ethereum moving to PoS will definitely help with the fee prices so the rewards can be called without getting hurt financially.

Currently I am transcoding with 12060 and 11660 card. I plan to scale the infrastructure as the demand will grow in the livepeer network.

Thank you.