Transcoder Campaign: 0x3bBE - DexPeer

Dear Livepeer community,

I heard of Livepeer a while ago and recently decided to put my unused GPUs and servers to good use. My plan is to run one of the most reliable orchestrators on Livepeer. As we sit today, the orchestrator is constantly in the top 5 for performance.

Why delegate to my node?

I take a 10%** of daily LPT reward
Good amount of share of fees, 5% of earned ETH goes to you (gas is really high).

The price per segment are 4500 Gwei

** The reward cut is 10%, this number is not static, as the price to run an orchestrator goes down I will lower the reward cut.

Start staking on my node:

We have a number of alerts setup to make sure that we have enough transcoders available to take all work that is sent the orchestrators way.

I am also active in the Livepeer discord. Feel free to leave me any comments or send me a message on Discord.
Thank You!


Welcome DexPeer, and well done for getting into the top 5… the competition is hotting up as the public network expands!

It also appears that your node received a winning Probabilistic Micropayment ticket from the Protocol… that’s super cool.

I’m interested to know… how did you find out about Livepeer in the first place?

Hi honestly, I think I was airdropped some tokens a long time ago. When going through some older wallets I noticed it did some research and found that it fit will with the hardware that I already had to run a STORJ node. So I decided to join up since I already have servers up and had spare nvidia gpus around.

That’s great to hear… perhaps you received some LPT from the MerkleMine Distribution in 2018? Around 6.3m tokens were sprinkled around 2.6m ETH addresses… and one of my wishes was that this would help to bring new infrastructure operators to the community… and this is my wish coming true. Nice.