Transcoder Campaign: 0xe2D

Hello Everyone!

My nickname is 0xe2D. I am an orchestrator, with transcoders in the US and Europe. My transcoder-nodes have been operating efficiently since March 2022 and provide a throughput of about 22 max sessions (this is enough for my current number of sessions), and can be scaled if necessary.

I’m looking to bring on additional delegates who want to develop and earn with Livepeer. Please feel free to ask me any questions in Discord or Telegram (links on my website). I will be happy to answer your questions and share my experience!


Fee cut: 50%
I am ready to give my delegates 50% ETH of the cost of the ticket I won, even in the current situation, when my expenses for the maintenance of equipment are approximately equal to my income as an orchestra member. I’m not going to reduce this value, even if I have to incur losses :slight_smile:
If I manage to attract a lot of delegates, I will be only too happy to reduce % of my remuneration and offer even more favorable conditions for delegates.

Reward cut: 5%
All delegates will also receive 95% of the daily inflationary rewards in LPT.
I also promise not to increase my share in the daily remuneration, and as the LPT staked increases, I will increase the remuneration of delegates up to 99%!

My setup

Now I have graphics servers with GTX 1080 and P1000 in the most popular regions: USA and Europe, which allow me to handle a total of 22 sessions. If this becomes insufficient, scaling will not be a problem, and I will be happy to increase the number of servers.

You can see more information on my orchestrator website:

I hope that we can be useful to each other and to the development of the peer-to-peer Life network.

Delegate here:


In the near future I plan to:

  1. Upgrade the transcoder in Europe to make it closer to broadcasters by reducing delays;
  2. Take the time and make my grafana-panel open and post it on the website to become more friendly to my delegates :slight_smile:

Welcome! Nice website :slight_smile:

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Thank for your feedback :slight_smile: