Transcoder Campaign: Project by Aseralis


Dear livepeer community,

I am an aspiring dApp developer from Hamburg, Germany and very happy to announce that as of today I will run a professional cloud based transcoder 24/7.

Why delegate to my node?

  • Very low reward cut, only 7.5% of daily LPT reward goes to me
  • Very high share of fees, 30% of earned ETH goes to you
  • The price per segment are 120 Gwei
  • 100% daily reward call

What are you waiting for? Start staking on my node now:

I will constantly work on tweaking the transcoder and establishing an optimal relationship between broadcasters and delegates. Also work regularly with livepeer to test its use in dApps.

What are my intentions?
As I see a great future with livepeer, I want to contribute to the success of the project with a low cost, high quality node. All revenues (if there are any) will be used for the development of decentralized apps on top of livepeer and the Ethereum blockchain.

/// Transcoder News ///
20.05.2018 Daily reward call
19.05.2018 Daily reward call
18.05.2018 Daily reward call
17.05.2018 Daily reward call
16.05.2018 Daily reward call
15.05.2018 Daily reward call
14.05.2018 Daily reward call
13.05.2018 Daily reward call
12.05.2018 Daily reward call
11.05.2018 Daily reward call
10.05.2018 Daily reward call
09.05.2018 Daily reward call
08.05.2018 Daily reward call
07.05.2018 Daily reward call
06.05.2018 Transcoder successfully launched


Hi Aseralis, congratulations on launching your node!

I see you’re already active and you’ve got a load of stake already - well done!

I’m here in Berlin, Germany - and we’ve got a local community node running at 0xe1c879f065682a0d35966596a72d5681a56118a5 with more information here: Transcoder Campaign: Livepeer Community Node - Berlin

It would be very cool to see if there are opportunities to collaborate somehow, as we’re not so far away from each other :slight_smile: - ping me an email at if you would like to connect.

All the best, and keep up the great work!

Thank you for that offer, I’ve sent you an email!

The gas price is currently very high. In order to be able to continue to offer a stable service, I would be very pleased to receive a mini donation.
You can donate directly to the transcoder for maximum transparency:
Every single Gwei helps! :wink:

Good to have you here @Aseralis! I sent over a little donation for gas.

Love seeing your updates about the daily reward calls. If you have any specific questions or ideas about Livepeer, reach out to me on Discord!

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Transcoder has been updated according to this post:

Reward call should now be triggered automatically and executed much earlier.

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Transcoder has been updated to the latest release (v0.2.2):

This release contains fixes for:

  • Restarting jobs across transcoder restarts
  • Job serialization in local db
  • Preventing segment replay attacks

Hey guys, the daily reward calls stopped because of insufficient funds on the transcoder. It will stay active, and start calls automatically again, if someone donates some gwei or the gas price goes lower. Sorry for that!

Transcoder has been updated to the latest release (v0.2.3):

Hi @Aseralis, thanks for the update.

One of the responsibilities of a Livepeer transcoder is to participate in the protocol and paying gas for the Ethereum transactions. A transcoder can set a reward cut and revenue share they see fit in order to cover the that cost. It’s totally understandable that one would not want to take on that responsibility - in which case, the best strategy would be to delegate toward another transcoding who would.

Currently, the cost of calling reward every day can be up to a few dollars (depending on the gas price). We are working on research in a few scalability solutions to lower that cost. If that’s something that sounds interesting, check out and In the mean time, if you would like to delegate toward someone else, you can call “unbond”, and then call “bond” toward another transcoder.

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As a heads up, the Aseralis node is now active as the # of transcoders has increased from 10 to 15.

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