Transcoder Campaign for @dob


This is a campaign thread for a Livepeer transcoder node:


Initially I intend to run a reward cut parameter of 0% or near 0% so anyone who delegates towards this node will receive newly generated LPT in proportion to their stake.

Initially I intend to run a fee share of 0% or near 0%, so I will keep the small fees that broadcasters pay to use the infrastructure I’m running.

Who Am I?

I’m Doug Petkanics, founder of Livepeer. You can find me:

Why do I want to run a transcoder on Livepeer?

I am interested in running a node in the early days of the Livepeer network for two reasons:

  1. To keep a pulse on the needs of transcoders as a critical role in the Livepeer network. By playing this role for a little while it will better inform our engineering roadmap, and product decisions around user needs.
  2. To ensure reliable service for early developers and broadcasters looking to test the network during the alpha.

I am not interested in running this node for short term financial gain, nor to make a business out of scalable transcoding. I much prefer to resign and delegate towards other, more qualified nodes who are competing to provide this service in a cost effective and scalable way, as soon as they emerge from the ecosystem.

Why you may want to delegate towards me

I pay very very close attention to Livepeer in all regards. I am intimately familiar with the protocol having designed it. I care a lot about the success of the network. During the early days I want to ensure that broadcasters and developers have a good experience using Livepeer, so I am happy to spend quite a bit of time running and monitoring this node, fixing things that break, and updating the node software to run more reliably.

Why you may not want to delegate towards me

I suggest you delegate towards other nodes if you believe they will provide reliable service that can be cheaper or more scalable than what I am providing. I also suggest you delegate towards other nodes if they are bringing some alternative benefit to the project such as development or community building.

I intend to resign this node as soon as more focused, reliable, and scalable node operators emerge and prove that they can run reliably.

What hardware will I run?

I will not be spending significant time, money, or effort on dedicated hardware for this purpose, as I intend to resign this node as soon as reliable transcoders emerge who are doing so. I’ll be running cloud instances that are CPU optimized in order to handle the FFMPEG-based CPU encoding workflow that the Livepeer node currently supports.

As I experiment with redundancy solutions and monitoring setups, I will update this post to report what works.

My goals are to call reward() every day to distribute newly generated token, and to have > 96% availability for transcoding jobs during the first month of the network.

I hope this gives transparency into my motivations for running a node and how I intend to operate it. I’m happy to answer any questions that people have as they’re deciding who to bond towards.

And I look forward to more inspirational and competitive campaign threads than this one, from all the great people building amazing things in the open video ecosystem!