Transcoder Campaign: Bonus LPT - US Based - Envy Transcoder 0x4C72


Welcome LivePeer community to the 0x4c72 Transcoder,

Thanks for dropping by to check out my campaign. I’m a cryptocurrency enthusiast and been hooked on the idea behind livepeer. Running a node is my way to take an active role in contributing and supporting the project. I hope you’re as excited as I am.

My Mission

My mission is to provide affordable service on the platform for broadcasters that can scale as needed and also cater to all my delegators as we all earn together — not one of them yet? Read on and then come support me :slight_smile:

I have a good grasp on the code, but although I’m not the best developer, I have a sense of business and marketing. With these strengths, I hope to be successful in areas where others are not and grow out my transcoder which, in turn, will benefit all of you in the process. We also have a great community of developers and the LivePeer team who will help should any coding issues arise on the platform.

Some thoughts on upcoming ideas. One of the things I would like to do is facilitate contests, create incentive pools, giveaways and others – both among delegators and to the community. This will spread the word about livepeer, distribute tokens to people interested in the project, boost engagement, and bring more value to the network.

About the Transcoder

Basic Info (at time of writing)
Reward Cut: 0.49%
Fee Share: 50%
Price Per Segment: 140 Gwei

Why delegate to my node?

  • Low Reward Cut starting @ 0.49% (lowest of all transcoders) — simply put, you earn more
  • 50/50 split on earning fees (ETH) — currently at 140Gwei price per segment
  • Bonus LPT — future offers, incentive pools, prize rewards and programs
  • Flexible & Scalable — upgrade dedicated hardware as needed
  • Reasonable price per segment for broadcasting — change/driven by market
  • Strive for 100% daily reward call, 24/7 uptime

Start staking on my node now :
:tada: 0x4c7261230ce3bfa92077ca9b1fc58766d32223b0

General Directions on How to Bond

  1. Run browser extension like MetaMask.
  2. Import Ethereum Wallet address OR Connect Hardware wallet address (if not done)
  3. Visit Transcoder Section of LivePeer site and locate [ 0x4c72… ] or follow the link directly to it:
  1. If MetaMask is running & [MAINNET] at top left corner is green, click the “BOND” button and follow the directions to start delegating your LPT tokens.


LPT Staking Bonus Offer / Incentive

Hi everyone, so this is a LPT Bonus Offer that I’m running. It is designed to incentive early delegators and increase staking amount towards [ 0x4c7261… ] transcoder in order to get to Top 15 (active status). Currently the goal amount is the amount to place 15th or 50,000 LPT, whichever is greater. Since the goal is mainly to get active, this is subject to change if active status is extended to 20 transcoders.

Deadline to participate in the Bonus Offer is the day/round in which transcoder reaches Top 15. LPT staked after deadline or over goal amount will not count towards bonus offer but they will still get the benefit of low reward cut % and higher earnings.

Bonus Offer & Incentive contains both cash (ETH) and tokens (LPT) rewards which are based upon the range of the individual’s total staking amount.

The provided visual chart gives more info and showcases what I had in mind for the bonus structure.

Feel free to pop on by and give any suggestions or feedback.


I’ll be organizing a list of people who are willing to stake and note down their amount of LTP in order to prevent new people from missing out on current gains from staking and to provide a better transition for those who are currently bonded to another transcoder.

When the amount from people have been confirmed and achieve the goal amount, a date will be set for bonding. This way everyone will not miss out on staking gains. In the meantime, the transcoder will still be up and running. Those who wish to bond early regardless may do so.

Interesting in bonding to the transcoder? You may reply to forum thread, message me directly, or file out a simple google form at

Total tally and final commitment will be confirmed a few days prior to setting a bonding date. There doesn’t need to be any commitment until we gather enough people to reach the goal amount. Thank you for reading.