Transcoder Campaign: 0xA204 Transcoder - Asia Hong Kong


Hi! I am Anson from Hong Kong, blockchain developer & cryptocurrency enthusiast . I got into crypto space in 2016. I have been following livepeer more than half year, really love the idea of livepeer. I want to support and contribute for this project in different ways.

What are my intentions?

  • Love to know underlying the whole system how it works, so one of the best ways is to participate into part of the system components.

  • To make the livepeer transcoder network become more robust and decentralized, having different locations transcoder is needed.

*I am willing to support livepeer in the long term.

Start staking on my node NOW


Rewards/Fees distribution & usage

-Partial rewards will be used to upgrade the hardware to provide better performance
-Marketing (encourage people using Livepeer to broadcast)
-Others (i.e. burn RPT, translation, etc…)
*Welcome any suggestions

*I will keep changing the rewards / fee share / price per segment in a reasonable if RPT become more valuable over time

Why delegate to my node?

Only 3.5% of daily LPT reward goes to me
40% of earned ETH goes to you
The price per segment are 130 Gwei
99.99% daily reward call (try my best)

What hardware will I run?

Initially, I start with cloud hosting. After monitoring the network in a certain time and demand, I plan to have a dedicated computer to perform transcoding. Also, I will upgrade the hardware over time if there is needed

If you are part of the community who want to make livepeer success, please support me. I will make sure everything as transparent as I can.

I can’t do it without you guys support.


Feel free to contact me via Telegram / PM


Hi @ansonlau looks like your transcoder is back in the top 10. Please make sure to update your Livepeer node to the latest version, and I suggest following this tip to make it more stable. Cheers~


@ericxtang updated already, thank you. :wink: