Transcoder Campaign: 0x88 Hyper Transcoder


Dear livepeer community,

I am blockchain enthusiast from Indonesia, i have make up my mind to be a transcoder on Livepeer 24/7 running on vmware 4V CPU, 8GB RAM. I choose a username 0x88 because it represent the first four character of my transcoder address. :grin:

Why delegate to my node?

  • A reasonable cut, only 5%** of daily LPT reward goes to me
  • Good amount of share of fees, 25% of earned ETH goes to you
  • The price per segment are 150 Gwei
  • 100% daily reward call

** The first reward cut is 5%, this number is not static, it will be dynamically decrease over time because i want to give the best i could for the community.

Start staking on my node:

What are my intentions?

I have been following Livepeer for quite a while. I may not be the best technical guy on earth but i am glad that the team is so kind to guide me. I will keep learning and do my best for us all.

/// Video Guide LivePeer (Bahasa Indonesia Language) ///
How to Merkle Mine 2.44LPT
How to Delegate and Claim Rewards Rounds

/// 0x88 Transcoder News ///
04.05.2018: Transcoder 0x88 has already launched

25.06.2018: To celebrate the upcoming 3 months of running transcoder 0x88, Reward cut will be decrease from 5% to 4% on 4th August 2018

Join the movement now, i cant do this alone, i need you guys

Parameter Change Proposal: Increase number of active transcoders from 15 to 25

Selamat datang 0x88! Congratulations on launching your Hyper Transcoder!

And I see you’re already an active transcoder in the network, with some stake already… cool.

I’m really interested to find out more about your plans - if you would like to connect, ping me an email at

PS, I used to live in Banda Aceh as a child, which is why I speak a little bit of Bahasa!

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Wowwwwwwwwww helloooo chris… i am bit shocked when u type bahasa… ahaha… great man…
well… i am not a dev but i am very interested to follow up livepeer progress…

what i want to do next is maybe i will upload video to youtube about general purpose of livepeer to my friends.

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Looks like your node is becoming active this round! @0x88 make sure you are calling reward so you can get the newly minted LPT!

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yes… i did alreadyyy yuhuu


Nice. Remember to check and make sure it’s called everyday. Otherwise you will miss out on rewards!


yeah i always call reward daily.
edit: i think i need to raise the gas price since yesterday trx doesn’t got through


Hi guys… i am sorry that i don’t aware that my 4gwei gas price is not good enough to call the claim reward functions yesterday. So to fix that, i had raise it to 20 gwei today… thanks


Thanks for monitoring @0x88. You can find out the latest gas info at


20-05-2018: Round 980 had been claimed :grin: Thanks you!

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@0x88 nice job! Just to clarify - reward is the only transaction you have to call on a daily basis. 20Gwei is a very safe price to ensure the speed of the transaction, but you can probably lower it a little since you’ll be calling reward everyday. We are releasing a new version soon to help with automatically setting the gas price.


@ericxtang thanks you for the input… i have lower it to 10gwei and only initiate the reward function. I will be waiting for the new version as well.

Round 981 had been claimed :grin: Thanks you! :grin:


Round 982 Reward had been called :grin: Thanks you!


Today… 0x88 Transcoder had been updated to the latest version 0.2.3 :heart_eyes:

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Round 983 Reward had been called :grin: Thanks you for all the support!

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Round 984 Reward had been called :grin: Thanks you for all the support!

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Round 985 Reward had been called :grin: Thanks you for all the support!

=====translation to Indonesian language=====

Round 985 Reward telah diinisiasikan :grin: Terima kasih atas supportnya!

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Round 986 Reward had been called :grin: Mina-san… Thanks you for all the support!

=====translation to Indonesian language=====

Round 986 Reward telah diinisiasikan :grin: Mina-san… Terima kasih atas supportnya!


Protocol Update, mainnet activity pause approximately for 2 days

=====translation to Indonesian language=====

Update Protocol , aktivitas mainnet dihentikan sementara untuk lebih kurang 2 hari


Activity had been resume, Rewards Round 988 had been called :grin: Thanks you!

=====translation to Indonesian language=====

Aktivitas dilanjutkan kembali, Rewards Round 988 telah diinisiasikan :grin: Terima Kasih!