Network Economics Update - 6/4/18

The Livepeer network is currently in round 995 which is the 34th round since the launch of the network on May 1st 2018 which was round 961. Below are the latest observations on the state of the Livepeer network economy:

Parameter Value Notes
Total LPT Supply 10,060,972 The total supply of LPT
Total LPT Generated 60,972 The amount of inflationary LPT that has been generated by calls to reward() by transcoders and distributed towards those who stake and delegate their token. This amount is in addition to to the initial supply of 10,000,000 LPT at network launch which is being slowly released over a 36 month period via the MerkleMine and vesting grants
Total LPT Staked 93,143 The amount of LPT that is currently staked
Participation Rate 0.94% The percentage of all LPT that is being staked. The target rate is 50% which should take at least 12-18 months to approach due to the slow release of LPT in the MerkleMine
Inflation 0.02% The current per round inflation rate. Every round that the participation rate is below 50%, the inflation rate will increase by .0003%
Current Mintable Tokens 2435 The amount of LPT that can be minted this round and distributed towards those who contribute work on the network by staking and delegating tokens
  • Transcoder 0xe1C879F065682A0d35966596A72d5681a56118A5 resigned in round 988 which resulted in the active set size falling from 10 to 9 during round 988. In round 989 transcoder 0xed56b683004921ec4e3eaafad535e48153a17f69 filled the empty active set slot increasing the set size back to 10. In round 991, 0xf1eE89810f4441b025D2d42ff58A0CDC4D797310 replaced 0xed56b683004921ec4e3eaafad535e48153a17f69 in the active set.

  • Transcoder 0xfb9849b0b53f66b747bfa47396964a3fa22400a0 is still firmly cemented as the top active transcoder with the most delegated stake in the network at the moment. However, it has also started increasing the percentage of token rewards that it is keeping for itself (previously keeping 0%, in the current round keeping 2.5% and in the next round keeping 6.5%). As outlined in the transcoder’s campaign thread, the goal behind the increased reward cut is to encourage delegation toward other transcoders as the potential rewards to be earned by delegating toward this particular transcoder decrease. Stay tuned in the coming weeks to observe if this goal is achieved!

  • Transcoders did a better job of staying online and calling reward() in the week corresponding to round 988 through round 994 with only 4 missed calls down from 10 the previous week. 2 of the missed reward calls were from round 988 so it is possible that the transcoders that missed these reward calls were not online after the protocol upgrade that took place during round 987 (more details on the upgrade here).

  • There were a few incidents this past week that involved transcoders submitting multiple reward() transactions with only one succeeding and the rest failing. This type of scenario is triggered by the initial reward() transaction not confirming for a long time due to an insufficient gas price resulting in the node submitting additional transactions. There is a proposal to help mitigate this issue here.

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