Network Economics Update - 6/18/18


The Livepeer network is currently in round 1009 which is the 48th round since the launch of the network on May 1st 2018 which was round 961. Below are the latest observations on the state of the Livepeer network economy:

Parameter Value Notes
Total LPT Supply 10,097,980 The total supply of LPT
Total LPT Generated 97,980 The amount of inflationary LPT that has been generated by calls to reward() by transcoders and distributed towards those who stake and delegate their token. This amount is in addition to to the initial supply of 10,000,000 LPT at network launch which is being slowly released over a 36 month period via the MerkleMine and vesting grants
Total LPT Staked 161,603 The amount of LPT that is currently staked
Participation Rate 1.60% The percentage of all LPT that is being staked. The target rate is 50% which should take at least 12-18 months to approach due to the slow release of LPT in the MerkleMine
Inflation 0.0284% The current per round inflation rate. Every round that the participation rate is below 50%, the inflation rate will increase by .0003%
Current Mintable Tokens 2867 The amount of LPT that can be minted this round and distributed towards those who contribute work on the network by staking and delegating tokens
  • As of round 1004, transcoder 0xa20416801ac2eacf2372e825b4a90ef52490c2bb overtook transcoder 0xfb9849b0b53f66b747bfa47396964a3fa22400a0 as the member of the active set with the greatest total stake and has held onto that top spot since then. 0xa20416801ac2eacf2372e825b4a90ef52490c2bb was propelled to the top spot from round 1003 to round 1004 with 22,713 LPT (including inflationary rewards) added to its total stake which also happened to be its largest increase in total stake from the week of round 1002 through round 1008.

  • The top transcoder 0xa20416801ac2eacf2372e825b4a90ef52490c2bb has 70,046 total stake as of the start of round 1009. The 3 delegators contributing the largest percentage of this total stake include 0xdcF2cDC7908d87a10459b2DE238717BEC0379E63 delegating 23,454 LPT which represents ~33% of the total stake, 0x02e41B363dC827c8a44619a41e6053b3e6215865 delegating 21,563 LPT which represents ~31% of the total stake, and 0xe1C879F065682A0d35966596A72d5681a56118A5 delegating 10,890 LPT which represents ~15% of the total stake.

  • The Supermax team included a great visualization of the breakdown for the staked LPT of the active transcoder set in the latest update for their Livepeer smart contract explorer tool.

  • Transcoder 0x481efb669b423cfaffa49890205427dea9b3d693 is advertising a 2.5% reward cut, the lowest of all members of the active transcoder set.

  • Transcoder 0xfdcd7840908990db1915b2e9d1ae68af6086a00b broke into the active transcoder set in round 1005 taking the place of 0x9d2b4e5c4b1fd81d06b883b0aca661b771c39ea3 after accumulating a greater amount of total stake in the previous round. 3275 LPT is the new minimum total stake required to break into the active transcoder set.

  • Gas prices have settled down recently resulting in quicker and cheaper inclusion of reward() transactions by active transcoders. Nonetheless, two recent updates for replacement transactions and transaction confirmation timeouts should help with transcoder node stability and automatic transaction submission during times of increase gas prices.

In the interest of providing greater transparency for delegators around which transcoders are reliably calling reward each round, below is some information on which transcoders missed reward calls this past week:

  • Round 1002
    • 0xbD91C9DF3C30F0e43B19b1dd05888CF9b647b781
  • Round 1003
    • 0xbD91C9DF3C30F0e43B19b1dd05888CF9b647b781
  • Round 1004
    • 0xbD91C9DF3C30F0e43B19b1dd05888CF9b647b781
  • Round 1005
    • 0xbD91C9DF3C30F0e43B19b1dd05888CF9b647b781
  • Round 1006
    • 0xbD91C9DF3C30F0e43B19b1dd05888CF9b647b781
  • Round 1007
    • 0x481Efb669B423CfAffA49890205427dEa9B3d693
    • 0xbD91C9DF3C30F0e43B19b1dd05888CF9b647b781
  • Round 1008
    • 0x481Efb669B423CfAffA49890205427dEa9B3d693

Transcoder 0xbD91C9DF3C30F0e43B19b1dd05888CF9b647b781 missed 6 out of the 7 reward() calls from the week of round 1002 through round 1008 - the node operator(s) will need to step it up this week!