Transcoder campaign: SUNDARA

Hello fellow Livepeer Orchestrators, Delegators, Broadcasters, and ever helpful folks on the Livepeer Discord!

I’m a Network Engineer, and a fan of distributed computing and blockchain technology.
I found the Livepeer project to solve a geniunely useful problem - provide a protocol for distributed GPU resource access. Building applications besides video transcoding like access to the ML chips on newer GPUs is a clear cut use case, compelling stuff!

I started by running a transcoder for the pool and am the top performing transcoder (0x3302c4f79a63825f40c71ecf67bae28b9136a22f ) in SEA (not a lot of work this side of the world).

I started my own orchestrator on 26th Sept. 2021 (with 21 LPT) providing 12 streams via a GTX 950 and a Quadro P400. Primary WAN uplink is 1 Gbit fiber, with 500 Mbit failover fiber from another ISP. The current location has power back and fire suppression. Both Tier 1 ISPs own undersea dark fiber globally and are present at all major IXs (Internet Exchange).
See and

I live 20 Kms from a Tier 3 datacenter where I also co-locate hardware (for other projects) if I feel the need to move the Orchestrator infrastructure out of the current location. The current workload does not warrant this, but could be achieved with almost no downtime. Adding more hardware / resources are a non-issue once there’s enough work.

Currently, there are no other stakers or transcoders but me and given high Gas prices I am not calling a daily reward and have set a 0% reward and 100% fee cut.
This will be changed to be competitive with other orchestrators as soon as I get stakers / transcoders / delegators or an L2 payment system is implemented making daily reward calls worth the transaction fees.

I will be applying for the Titan-node grant and any support is greatly appreciated!

Thank you!

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Delegate here:

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Some updates since the Orchestrator has been up for a few days (but received no work):

I am rank 1 for latency in Asia (Singapore) with a score of 8.51, rank 2’s score is 5.78.
The global performance rank is 30.

I can do real time to London too (out of Asia):
This amazing app made by @_ptr

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Update (October 8 2021):

  1. Applied and received a temporary 10,000 LPT stake. Many thanks to @dob and @Titan-Node’s Grants program putting us at Rank 33 for Staking globally :rocket:. This will enable some hard insights of the workloads in Asia.
  2. Reward cut is set to 0% and Fee cut is 100%, daily rewards will not be called due to Gas being too high. This can change subject to Gas or L2 payment system availability.

The current location serves Asia and London, averaging one stream, spiking to ten for short durations, usually shuttling between 1 - 4 concurrent streams with an average video segment size no larger than 6 MB. Latency could be better to Singapore and options are being measured. Just over 10,000 minutes of video have been transcoded up to now.


We’ve had 4 periods of downtime, 3 of which were ISP related and will eventually require a re-routing the fiber but that’s some months away.

In the interest of transparency, I’ve created a public uptime monitor at

Added another 20 streams (the GPU market remains ridiculous) with much better transcode times:


`| Concurrent Sessions          | 19                 |`

`| Total Segs Transcoded        | 570                |`

`| Real-Time Segs Transcoded    | 570                |`

`| * Real-Time Segs Ratio *     | 1                  |`

`| Total Source Duration        | 1139.999999999998s |`

`| Total Transcoding Duration   | 110.438079401s     |`

`| * Real-Time Duration Ratio * | 0.09688            |`


Added a Singapore and UK orchestrator via Geo-DNS to test transcoder pools there. The improved transcode times should enable us to serve UK, Prague and France besides Singapore. We should know in a week tops.

And we scored 3 winning tickets in 40 days of being registered!

Current max streams = 31

Removed Singapore and UK orchestrators, transcoding results were poor. The split O/T setup is not working as well I had hoped.
Adding a NA West Coast (Vancouver, BC) transcoder on a 1 Gbit FTTH in January 2022, the hardware is already in place.

Thanks again to @dob and @Titan-Node for the 3 month stake via the Grants program, it really helped cement my mind about running a global orchestrator network.
Received a 4th winning ticket today, and new delegators are expected to stake in January :crossed_fingers:

Merry Xmas and have a great 2022!