Transcoder Campaign: VidWave.eth

Hello Livepeer Community!

I’m thrilled to introduce VidWave Orchestrator, a dedicated node within the Livepeer network committed to revolutionizing video transcoding. Our orchestrator boasts a robust infrastructure with strategically positioned nodes across the UK and the US, ensuring global accessibility and reliability in video processing operations.

Why VidWave?

At VidWave, we prioritize efficiency, quality, and decentralization. Leveraging a distributed network, we ensure seamless transcoding processes while maintaining high-quality video output. Our commitment to reliability means your content is in safe hands, guaranteeing optimal performance for all transcoding needs.

Join Us on this Journey!

We invite delegators who seek a reliable, efficient, and community-oriented orchestrator to join VidWave. Let’s collaborate to push the boundaries of video transcoding and contribute to the growth of the Livepeer ecosystem together.

Feel free to reach out here or via private message for any inquiries or discussions. Let’s shape the future of video transcoding with VidWave Orchestrator!

Best Regards,
VidWave Orchestrator

I have adjusted the reward cut to 4.9% in anticipation of a startup grant. My Orchestrator currently holds the 2nd position on the staking list in the Livepeer Explorer. Everyone is welcome to come and delegate, benefiting from the low reward cut and a consistent flow of ETH fees