Introducing the Titan Node - Start Up Grant

Hello New Orchestrators!

Looking to jump start your Livepeer Orchestrator node?

Earn a temporary stake from Titan Node to jump start your Orchestrator.

The goal of this program is to promote node branding, Livepeer leadership and spotlight high performing Orchestrators.

See the link below to apply:

Happy Transcoding :slight_smile:


Thanks very much for helping out new orchestrators, this is truly appreciated. Your videos were chock full of tips too, cheers!

I have applied for the grant, I am currently investigating why my latency/performance scores aren’t over 6, since things appear dandy at my end - Speedtest by Ookla - The Global Broadband Speed Test

Thank you!


A_N checks all the boxes minus having a website so we’ll be applying for this as soon as it’s up!

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