Transcoder Campaign: Platowner

Hello Livepeer community,

I’m known as Platowner on Discord and as the transcoder’s name, my background is in computer science and my passion outside of IT is gaming, skiing and my start up regarding volunteering.
I’ve been reliably transcoding since end of March 2021. My setup includes a GTX1070 with 10 stream capacity.

I am planning to call reward as soon as I have enough LPT staked to make it financially sustainable. Currently reward cut at 10%, I started with 20 LPT self staked and have received over 5 ETH payouts already since the time I started, thus proving the capacity and reliability of my setup.

Consistently in top 15-20 in the global leaderboard and top 10 in European region (Frankfurt/London).
Currently I have no other stakers to me, but I am wanting to apply to the Titan Node grant project.

Thank you,