Transcoder Campaign: Sublime Node

Hi everyone!

Sublime Node is a group of Livepeer enthusiasts across Western North America who have been a part of the crypto community since 2017. We have been involved with crypto since 2017 and have been operating our Livepeer node since 2021. We are now ready to become an orchestrator and welcome anyone who wants to stake their LPT with us!

Sublime-Node was built from the ground up and dedicated to bringing reliable and decentralized processing power to the Livepeer network.

Our Orchestrator node is hosted on a very low latency, 1Gb/s fibre optic connection which provides reliable and high-performance transcoding anywhere in the world!

Delegate your LPT tokens here:

Thank you


Things have been going well with the node. The 95% reward cut is fantastic for all delegators.

Interesting note, we saw that our regional score was 0% but it looks like it is something to do with the LPT server. Our node is operational and ready to accept work!


Welcome and what about being featured in our Know Your Orchestrator series? :smiling_face:

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