Transcoder Campaign: Authority_Null

UPDATE 2/20/22

All services are back online and we’ve expanded!

We now have 2 nodes, covering Europe and North America.

Expect updates to in the coming days as we’ll be separating metrics for each node into their own easily accessible dashboards.

Thanks :slight_smile:

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UPDATE 2/22/22

We’ve updated our reward cut to 3.31580%, providing an extremely competitive 96.69420% of all daily LPT rewards to delegators!

Screenshot 2022-02-22 09.58.03

We’ve also been seeing a nice boost in our performance score since onboarding our EU node, placing us in the top 5 for almost every region as well as globally:

Please feel free to reach out with any questions if you’d like to delegate to the Authority_Null node :slight_smile:

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UPDATE 2/23/22


Today marks an important milestone in the Livepeer protocol where delegators are finally able to move stake without insanely high fees.

We’ve updated the reward cut to… ZERO. Yup, 100% of all daily LPT rewards go to delegators.

Screenshot 2022-02-23 15.49.28

A couple of things to note:

  • Orchestrators have been unable to update their Explorer bios since the migration to L2 so the information you see there could be out of date. It may be beneficial to reach out directly if a bio seems off or doesn’t line up with the fee/reward cut. For example, our bio states the reward cut is set to 69%, when it’s actually 0%r.

  • The success rate on the performance page of the Explorer show’s a lot of the top globally performing orchestrators as being under 90%. This is a bug and isn’t accurate in most cases.

Let the delegating begin!

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UPDATE 2/27/22

Our Chicago server will be going offline for a short time Sunday morning (today) at 7AM for a ram upgrade. This does not effect reward calls and all NA traffic will be rerouted to our NY node.

Thanks :slight_smile:

UPDATE 2/28/22

We’ve lowered our fee cut to 40%.
This may be temporary as we gauge the staking environment.

We’ll update this thread atleast 2 days before raising it again, if we decide to do so.

Happy staking!

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UPDATE 3/6/22

After experimenting with a very low fee cut this last week we’ll be increasing it to 65% on Tuesday.


UPDATE 3/7/22

The startup grant requirements have changed. Because of this we will be adjusting our fee cut to 60% instead of 65% and raising our reward cut from 0% to 4% tomorrow.

This is a much more realistic fee/reward structure for our node as we have overhead and can’t scale without a return. Raising our rates allows for more growth and enables us to provide a better service to the network!

Thanks :slight_smile:

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UPDATE 3/19/22

In the coming days we’ll be transitioning away from our Chicago server and setting up a node in Singapore instead. Our NY node is very efficient so we’ll still be receiving plenty of work from Chicago, only now we get to reach a region that has otherwise been inaccessible.

Our Singapore server should be up and running in the next few weeks!

UPDATE 4/8/22

Depending on our outlook by the end of this month, and with the startup grant coming to a close, we’ll most likely be increasing our reward cut and decreasing our fee cut.

We’ll update this thread before any changes are made :slight_smile:

UPDATE 4/22/22

We’ll be adjusting our reward and fee cut on 4/23/22.

Reward cut will change from 4% to 35%

Fee cut will change from 60% to 25%

These adjustments allow us to keep up with overhead while providing more flexibility as we further scale our transcoding abilities. We’ve come a long way since November 2021 and hope our delegators choose to stick around.

If you’re currently delegating to the Authority_Null orchestrator and have questions about the upcoming changes, you can contact us via any of these methods:


UPDATE 4/30/22

We’ve crossed the 1 ETH threshold in our earned fees (combining L1 and L2 earnings). 75% of the last 4 winning tickets were split between delegators and more will follow!

Screenshot 2022-04-30 20.41.13

We’ve also booted up a node in Chicago and will monitor our stake, earnings and the networks participation rate closely over the next month to see if we can scale even more or if we need to pull back a bit.

Don’t forget, you can view real-time activity of our Orchestrator here: Authority_Null Node Monitoring
Click the “DETAILED VIEW” button to see the whole dashboard!

UPDATE 5/17/22

Hey delegators, we’re excited to introduce long term milestones for our Orchestrator!

For every additional 25,000 LPT staked to our node, we’ll reduce our reward cut by 5% until we reach 15% (currently 35%), so the more you stake the more you stand to make :slight_smile:

We’re currently sitting at 57,721 LPT staked, which means we need to reach 82,721 LPT staked to hit our first milestone.

Additional milestones may be added once we reach 15%.

Thank you and happy staking!

UPDATE 5/31/22

We’ve lowered our reward and fee cut for the first week of June! We’ll return to our dynamic rate (which you can learn more about in the above post) on Tuesday, June 7th.

Reward cut: 35% to 10%
fee cut: 24% to 20%


UPDATE 6/7/22

Our node’s fee/reward cut has returned to their previous dynamic rates:

55k LPT staked - 35%
83k LPT staked - 30%
108k LPT staked - 25%
133k LPT staked - 20%
158k LPT staked - 15%


UPDATE 6/20/22

We’ve made some major updates to our infrastructure.

Since launching our Orchestrator in November last year, we’ve scaled from a single residential node to 6 machines spread around the world. Managing 6 nodes with a standard Orchestrator setup has proven to be extremely inefficient and we knew that if we wanted to keep scaling, we’d have to make some adjustments.

All of our nodes primary functions can now be managed through a single UI, making updating livepeer versions and performing general maintenance a much smoother experience. Huge props to Mike Zupper for his infinite wisdom. We wouldn’t have been able to make this work without his help.

Curious how we’re running livepeer? Check out the guide :slight_smile:

P.S. Don’t forget about our dynamic rates:

55k LPT staked - 35%
83k LPT staked - 30%
108k LPT staked - 25%
133k LPT staked - 20%
158k LPT staked - 15%

Happy staking!

UPDATE 6/28/22

We’re switching DNS providers which may interrupt our transcoding workflow as well connection to our website and email. We’ll update this thread once completed.

Thank you :slight_smile:

UPDATE 6/29/22

After some extreme instability with Arbitrum we’re back online and running smoothly!

UPDATE 7/4/22

We welcome our 2 new delegators.

Time to update our dynamic rates!

55k LPT staked - 35%
83k LPT staked - 30%
108k LPT staked - 25% <
133k LPT staked - 20%
158k LPT staked - 15%

Did you know, by staking to our Orchestrator you can help save Fred from Web2 censorship?

Dynamic reward cut:

55k LPT staked - 35%
83k LPT staked - 30%
108k LPT staked - 25% < We are here.
133k LPT staked - 20%
158k LPT staked - 15%


UPDATE 7/30/22

Quick monthly round-up:

  • We’ve been hard at work building out our infrastructure, expanding significantly considering that we started with one 2080Ti in a home PC less than a year ago.

  • We received a healthy chunk of stake, crushing our first milestone and pushing us to keep building.

  • Added a second “on-demand” GPU in Chicago, which allows us to increase capacity within seconds while remaining extremely cost-efficient. We hope to automate this process soon.

  • Improved our hardware specifications in Singapore.

  • In collaboration with community members, we wrote an in-depth guide for orchestrators looking to scale effectively. This became our second grant to get accepted (a video tutorial is currently in the works).

  • We saw early signs of adoption from serious broadcasters, showing us the importance of infrastructure reliability. We will continue to compete and learn as we go so we can serve these broadcasters as they enter the network.

All in all, it’s been a really educational month for us and we’re excited to keep going!

Huge thanks to the community for teaching us so much along the way :slight_smile:

Psssst, have you heard about our dynamic rates?

55k LPT staked - 35%
83k LPT staked - 30%
108k LPT staked - 25% < We are here.
133k LPT staked - 20%
158k LPT staked - 15%

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