Transcoder Campaign: Authority_Null

UPDATE 8/15/22

Thanks to an increase in stake, we can lower our reward cut by another 5%!

55k LPT staked - 35%
83k LPT staked - 30%
108k LPT staked - 25%
133k LPT staked - 20% < We are here.
158k LPT staked - 15%

A big thank you to our delegators for supporting our efforts :rocket:

On another note, we finalized a recent education-based grant that helps orchestrators scale with Docker and Portainer. Here’s a full video walkthrough voiced and recorded by @MikeZupper :

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UPDATE 9/4/22

In August we:

  • Hit another staking milestone. Thank you delegators, you rock!

  • Updated our Grafana dashboard/workflow, increasing efficiency while providing a cleaner frontend.

  • Authored a new guide, helping orchestrators improve their Arbitrum RPC infrastructure. This is our 3rd grant to be approved! Another team effort with @MikeZupper (video coming soon).

  • Set up a new node to serve the São Paulo ingest region.

We continue to experiment and improve our infrastructure, with September’s focus being on proxying Livepeer.

Just one more staking milestone to go before we decide what kind of incentives we can put together next :slight_smile:

55k LPT staked - 35%
83k LPT staked - 30%
108k LPT staked - 25%
133k LPT staked - 20% < We are here
158k LPT staked - 15%

UPDATE 9/9/22

We did it!

Thanks to our delegators we’ve crushed every one of our staking milestones. Delegators now receive 85% of daily reward calls and 76% of ETH fees.

Note: Our ETH cut is not set in stone and may be adjusted in the future depending on market factors to help cover expenses. We’ll always post here and on our website at least a day before making any changes.

As we continue to grow, we’ll think of more ways to incentivize delegators :wink:

55k LPT staked - 35%
83k LPT staked - 30%
108k LPT staked - 25%
133k LPT staked - 20%
158k LPT staked - 15%
173k LPT staked < We are here

UPDATE 9/22/22


As suggested in our last post, our fee cut is not set in stone, and on October 1st we plan to raise it to 45%. We feel the need to make this adjustment due to a few factors:

  • Rising operational costs due to the ongoing energy crisis

  • Shrinking daily rewards due to increased participation in the network

  • General market sentiment

We believe this is still a competitive split, and ideally would like to lower it again as soon as it’s feasible.

Important: If you are currently delegating with us and have ANY questions or concerns about the upcoming adjustment, reach out on Discord (Authority_Null#8136) or via email (


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Congrats on reaching your recent staking milestone - your work is awesome. Good on you! :+1:

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UPDATE 10/04/22

We’d like to introduce some new long term staking milestones.

For every 75k LPT staked, we’ll lower our reward cut by 1%, and 2% when we reach 1m LPT staked. We really want the milestones to be a challenge this time around!

175k LPT staked - 15% < We are here
250k LPT staked - 14%
325k LPT staked - 13%
400k LPT staked - 12%
475k LPT staked - 11%
550k LPT staked - 10%
725k LPT staked - 9%
800k LPT staked - 8%
875k LPT staked - 7%
950k LPT staked - 6%
1m LPT staked - 4%

Happy staking!

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