Transcoder Campaign: Elite Encoder

Hey everyone!

This is John with the Elite Encoder Livepeer Node. I’d like to introduce our operation to the community and potential delegators. We’ve just launched to provide live transcoding statistics and information about our node.

Elite Encoder is operated by a Fiber Technician and Software Engineer with over 10 years of experience building reliable systems. We’ve been running on the network since late 2021 and have learned a lot about how to operate a successful Livepeer node.

We operate two nodes which geographically fail-over traffic during maintenance windows:

  • Charlotte, North Carolina (Primary)
    2x NVIDIA GTX 1660 Ti

  • Columbus, Ohio
    1x NVIDIA GTX 1050

We operate L2 Arbitrum RPC nodes on both hosts with automatic fail-over to support node restarts.

Currently our cuts are:

  • Reward Cut 5%
  • Fee Cut 70%

We will evaluate cuts over time as the network economics change, it is our goal to provide high value for the Livepeer network and our delegators while generating enough revenue to keep operations profitable.

If you’d like to stake with our node you can find us on the the Livepeer Explorer at Livepeer Explorer

We will be publishing announcements to our delegators via Twitter
You can also reach out to us in Discord or use the contact form on our website.

I’m always looking for opportunities to contribute to Livepeer because it is a project I fully believe in and want to see succeed in the marketplace. I have an extensive background in software development with a strong interest in video broadcasting. One of my goals with Livepeer is to start a broadcaster node and video streaming site. Feel free to reach out if you need any help with developing a project that uses Livepeer!