Transcoder Campaign: Night Node

Hello Everyone!

My name is Ryan, I go by NightWolf92 and I run Night Node. I’m a Sr. Systems Engineer out of New Jersey. I’ve been involved with crypto since the early days back in 2011 and have been actively involved in multiple projects ever since.

I’ve been through CPU, GPU and ASIC mining and since September 2021 I have made now my way into Transcoding with Livepeer where I’ve found a passion for constantly working to improve the operation to improve stability, scalability and consistency. We are also a grant recipient by Livepeer Inc. to develop supporting scripts and documentation on the implementation and maintenance of Livepeer for Transcoders and Orchestrators. The whole approach is to pull the most performance from every resource to make it as lean and efficient as possible with the intent to become a long term stable professional company for many years to come.

We are looking to bring on additional delegators who want to support our vision and grow with us. Please feel free to reach out to me for any questions, comments or concerns.

Stats are subject to change, please view updated posts below for more up to date information regarding the progress of Night Node!

Reward Structure:
Reward Cut - 0%
Fee Cut - 65%

Plans for the commission cuts?
While we are in the process of growing our delegation stake we will be foregoing any commission on the reward cut for the time being. This may change in the future but would not go above 5%. Please feel free to reach out to me to discuss these future changes.
All changes will be notified on our telegram and discord server.

NJ Node 1
NJ Node 2
CHI Node 1 (Chicago)
EU Node 1 (Frankfurt)
All circuits with gig+ capacity

1x RTX 3080 TI
2x EVGA 1070 SC
1x EVGA 1080
1x Quadro RTX 4000
1x Quadro P400

Current Capacity:
79 Streams

As of 3/5/2022
Winning Tickets Since September 26th 2021: 5
Total Value: .90 ETH

Discord: NightWolf92 #3062

Reward Cut: 0%
Fee Cut: 65%

Our website can be found here:
You can view our Dashboard here:
You can stake with us: Here

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Night’s a trustworthy, fair and extremely helpful Orchestrator. :star: :star: :star: :star: :star:, would work with again.

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2/15/2022 Update

Good Afternoon Everyone!

Last night we migrated to Layer 2. We had a rough start due to testing the Livepeer Redeemer Service Live.

This morning we resolved the issue and our primary node has been online and transcoding successfully since 6AM EST!

We will begin onboarding additional transcoding nodes around the world to expand our presence and increase our capacity. With the addition of the livepeer redeemer service we will be able to onboard external transcoders to our network through partnerships and reward their work in a fair and equitable way!

If you have any questions, please always feel free to reach out to me!
Discord: Nightwolf92 #3062
Telegram: rcurran92

2/17/2022 Update

Good Afternoon!

We just onboarded our 2nd remote Transcoder in Poland, they’ll be transcoding for us coming out of Frankfurt, Prague, London and attempting SIN, the holy grail. This new step is progress towards becoming a global transcoder and increase the frequency in which we can win tickets going forward! Keep in mind 50% of the ticket value is shared with our delegators!

If you have any questions, please always feel free to reach out to me!
Discord: Nightwolf92 #3062
Telegram: rcurran92

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2/22/2022 Update

Happy 2/22/22 Day!

In preparation for the release of Delegated stake we’ve reduced our reward cut from 10% to 4% and our Fee cut from 65% to 50%. This means you benefit more with us! We’re now one of the lowest reward cut orchestrators on Livepeer!

Additional Updates:
We opened a dedicated EU node which has put us at the top as one of the highest performing nodes in Europe!

Looking forward to 2/23/22 where delegators can spread out their stake! Hopefully you choose Nightnode as your place to delegate your stake.

If you have any questions, please always feel free to reach out to me!
Discord: Nightwolf92 #3062
Telegram: rcurran92

2/28/2022 Update

Happy Monday!

We just had a huge delegation of about 65K LPT! Thats massive! Thank you to whomever has faith in us and was willing to delegate to us.

We also reduced our reward cut for the current term to 0% and set our Fee Cut to 65%. We have to pay the bills somehow!

We look forward to future delegators coming onboard! Please feel free to reachout here or on any other platform if you have questions. Thank you!

Discord: Nightwolf92 #3062
Telegram: rcurran92

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3/20/2022 Update

Hey all,

On Wednesday 3/16/2022 we unfortunately went through a security event where our main ETH Addresses were hacked. In the process we lost about $2,000 in crypto and had about 382 LPT at risk of being unbonded and stolen.

With the help of some key members of livepeer and the community we were able to secure our LPT and recover what we could.

Unfortunately, though, we had to abandon our old ETH Address which represented our orchestrator and move to a new eth address, this is now: 0x47A907a0BD1627D71cD14430A721D1550d6D6f58

Our new Orchestrator is here: Livepeer Explorer

In the move we unfortunately lost our 55K LPT Delegator and are now unbranded until we can get ENS Support to restore our name.

While we understand the security event is huge we have taken steps to secure our operation going forward by re-evaluating our process and making sure that in the future, funds are segregated, LPT is on a separate account and our orchestrator is funded as needed. No 2 accounts are linked at all now and we are closely managing this as we go.

At no time were delegator funds at risk, only the compromised accounts.

We apologize for the inconvenience and we hope that our previous delegators and future delegators will trust in us again to support our node and delegate with us again.

Thank you,
Orchestrator Campaign: Livepeer Explorer
Discord: Nightwolf92 #3062
Telegram: rcurran92

Update: 7/5/2022

Good Afternoon!

Its been a while since the last update and I apologize. It has been a crazy few months and it’s about time to get back into more consistent updates.

Since our last post, we have opened a new orchestrator under the same name, NightNode.eth.
Livepeer Explorer Campaign

Our fee and reward cut have been updated a few days ago to reflect the current economic environment we are in.

Reward Cut: 6%
Fee Cut: 75%

Our current stake sits at around 34,500 LPT and we have pulled in about .72 ETH since the re-launch!

We apologize for the silence but are back and stronger than ever with more advanced security features and policies in place to protect against this kind of issue for the future.

Thank you,
Orchestrator Campaign: Livepeer Explorer
Discord: Nightwolf92 #3062
Telegram: Rcurran92
Transcoding Stats: Stats

Update: 7/15/2022

Good Morning Everyone,

Some updates!

We have updated our Reward cut to 7% to account for the current economy of livepeer and crypto as a whole

Our ticket counts have been on the rise! We’ve won 6 tickets in the last week!

Also, we’ve gotten our telegram orchestrator bot to report properly so join us in the Telegram chat to receive updates for reward calls, ticket wins etc.

Update: 1/12/23

Happy New year!

Due to the changing market conditions and to maintain profitability of the node, we have updated our reward cut to 10% from 6%. How does this effect you? Of the 17.2% APY in rewards the reward cut increase will go from 1.03% of the APY to 1.72% of the APY.

We are open to any discussion regarding our Fee/reward cut and would like the feedback from our delegators in the instance that any changes conflict with their views. Please feel free to reach out here or on telegram @ Telegram: Join Group Chat