LIP Calls and LIP Call 0

LIP Meetings

LIP (Livepeer Improvement Proposal) calls are a new bi-weekly call for discussing LIPs to improve the Livepeer protocol. This meeting will:

  • Serve as a forum for synchronous, verbal feedback on LIPs to complement the asynchronous, written feedback that can be found in LIP issues, the Livepeer forum or Discord.
  • Enable LIP contributors to share updates on the status of a LIP’s design and/or implementation.
  • Enable protocol developers to plan and coordinate the work necessary to implement and/or deploy a LIP.

The hope is that LIP calls can be another tool for the community to leverage to develop and refine LIPs that could be the subject of polls (see LIP-1 for more details on how polls work). The community-governance repo contains guidelines for these calls and will be used for agenda management as well.

Anyone that is currently doing work related to a LIP or that is interested in providing feedback on a LIP is welcome to attend the meeting.

LIP Call 0

The first LIP call is currently scheduled for Thursday May 28th 2020, 17:00 UTC and the agenda can be found here:

Feedback on the agenda is welcome and anyone is welcome to suggest an addition in the Github issue as long as the the topic relates to an existing LIP or could be the subject of a LIP based on the LIP types described in LIP-1.