Community Call Schedule

Livepeer hosts community calls aimed at providing useful update, contents, and discussion for various types of participants in the Livepeer community. Calls are currently scheduled for the second Thursday of each month, occur at 12pm ET. for an hour, and rotate through the following topics:

Quarterly Infrastructure Operator (Transcoder) Call - March 12, June 11
This call is focused on technical content for those operating nodes on the Livepeer network. It covers techniques for running orchestrators reliabily, dual mining cryptocurrency while transcoding on GPUs, and dev ops topics for scaling.

Quarterly Project Update Call - January 9, April 9
This call will contain presentations from the team and community members that apply broadly to the Livepeer token holder base. It will cover the upcoming roadmap, show off new things that have been built and shipped, and provide plenty of time for Q&A and open discussion.

Quarterly Topic Call - February 13, May 14
This call is organized by @nryan, and will change each quarter to focus on a new topic that may be relevant to the community. It will dive deep, include guests/panelists who may be experts on the topic, and will let the community explore important areas together as a group such as protocol governance, Livepeer economics, or any other topic the community wishes to discuss. Again, look for an agenda well in advance so people can be prepared to participate.

Video Developer Call - Coming soon.
After the launch of Streamflow, video developers can begin building on Livepeer at scale. As more applications emerge that leverage Livepeer, we would like to host community calls for video developers looking to use or contribute to the Livepeer Media Server and video functionality.

These calls are open to all who would like to participate via Google Hangouts. But for those who would just like to watch and follow along, it is best to watch the stream link at, or wait for the recorded content to be uploaded afterwords. If you would like to join a call, ping @dob on Discord, or respond here, so that we can forward the calendar invite with the call link to your email address.