Livepeer governance polling application is now ready to test

Hi everyone. Execution on the Livepeer governance roadmap is in full swing, and the new polling application is ready to test on the RInkeby test network. Try it out at:

Testnet CLI downloads

Here are links to download a Rinkeby enabed version of the LIvepeer node and CLI with the voting features enabled (as a CLI option), in case you would like to vote via command line as an orchestrator.




A couple notes about this application:

  • This is a Rinkeby test net. Point your wallet (such as Metamask) to the Rinkeby network, or start your node with the --rinkeby flag.
  • As it’s just a test, you can’t go wrong. Practice creating a poll, voting yes, voting no, voting as an orchestrator, voting as a delegator, etc.
  • Please log any issues in the livepeer.js repository or mention them in the #community-governance channel on Discord.

The first poll on mainnet

Assuming this application is working as expected this week, the plan is to open up the first mainnet governance poll on Monday, May 11th. More info to come, including a full overview of the proposal being voted upon. It is covered in LIP-15, LIP-16, and LIP-19, and essentially seeks to get community ratification of the proposed initial process and tools that the community can use to make protocol updates, parameter updates, and governance updates going forward.

Essentially, if the community chooses to pass this proposal, everyone will have a clear view of the rules of the game and processes by which the protocol and governance can evolve over time. Stand by for more info to come shortly.

In the meantime, please try out the polling application on Rinkeby, and share any questions, bugs or issues as they come up.