Livepeer Innovators DAO testnet round complete

Hello Livepeer Innovators DAO Members!

We were able to successfully run a test ‘retroactive round’ using the functions of the Detla upgrade and distribute the LPT to many recipients using a split contract outlined in the Litepaper.
Below are the steps we took:

  1. First we built the smart contract to distribute funds based on round results: Split | Address 0xdf9914beceb168dbd6f2dfd26a8a389480b5851c | Arbiscan
  2. Second we ran a test of the Treasury voting on the new explorer: Livepeer Explorer - Treasury
  3. Third we executed the Treasury to release the funds to the smart contract.
  4. Lastly we called the Distribute function on the contract to release all the funds to their recipients.

Everything went smoothly and we are very excited to run the first round on mainnet once Delta moves forward :slightly_smiling_face: