Livepeer Innovators DAO - Round Timeline

Round Timeline

Below are the steps and estimated timeline to complete for a Round of retroactive grant funding.

It also provide some information on how voting works and what to expect as members of the DAO.

This is a guideline only and can be changed as the members see fit.

Initial Start

  • Assign roles for marketing outreach.

  • Introduce time and expense tracker. All members should record their time and expenses throughout the round.

Month 1

  • Build marketing material to promote awareness to upcoming round.

  • Assigned members begin outreach to potential applicants. Application is here.

Month 3

  • Review applications and adjust outreach plan as needed.

Month 6

  • Run a weighted vote to determine the LID members deserving of funds based on their contribution.
    Example: Titan contributed 10hrs and $400 in expenses, Chase contributed 20hrs of outreach and Papa Bear knows the founder of a large app the uses Livepeer and helped them through the application process. Members may weigh these contributions as 33.3% each as they would be considered potentially equal contributions. (each member will decide for themselves)

  • Run a weighted vote to determine how much of the round will be distributed to LID members.
    Example: 10% of the round will be distributed to members.

  • Run a weighted vote to determine the impact of each project that has applied for the round.
    Example: 20 total applicants where each will receive a percentage of the remaining 90% of the funds.

Month 7

  • Create a split contract with the results of the previous 3 votes.

  • Submit a vote to the Livepeer treasury to fund the split contract based on the efforts of the DAO.

  • If vote passes, call smart contract to pay all recipients. If vote fails, gather feedback, adjust and try again.

Below is a flowchart of the funding model.

If you have any comments or improvements please leave them below.

Thanks for being in the DAO!