Livepeer Innovators DAO - Round 1 Submissions

Hello LID Members!

Here is a current list of all entries for Round 1 to date. Remember, the deadline for applications is April 18, 2024.

Application 1
Application 2
Application 3
Application 4
Application 5

Please feel free to review them as they come in. Once the deadline has passed we will move forward with weighted voting on the impact of each project and move forward with funding.

If you’ve stumbled upon this post and don’t know what’s going on, feel free to visit for more information on the Livepeer Retro-Active Funding Initiative.

Have a great day!


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Just dropping a couple of notes here:

Application 1 is requesting ~550k USD in funding. Would like to see the numbers since they’ve stated a significant impact on the network. I’ve seen a lot of niche platforms like this and I’m not sure how much traffic they can drive. I tried testing it but got an error when checking out for the free membership.

Application 2 - I genuinely don’t understand it, so might have to sit out voting if I can’t figure it out.

Application 3 - Yay @MikeZupper can finally get some funding.

Application 4 - Cool concept, keen to understand how they would take demand away from platforms like OpenSea that already allow content auctions.

Looking forward to discuss


My high-level feedback is that most of these seem like better fits for the Grants program (which supports speculative building) than retroactive funding (which compensates important contributions and encourages future work from the same contributors ). This funding is supposed to reward value already added, and these applications - as currently written - don’t provide clear evidence that these projects have added significant value to the Livepeer ecosystem, with the exception of Zupper’s application.

TLDR; while I appreciate the hard work of all the builders who’ve applied, I believe that LID should reward value added in terms of ecosystem tooling or minutes of transcoding demand.


Agreed, I think we need to keep pushing for outreach and get to projects that are generating demand. Projects like, and
Hopefully when the deadline comes closer we will have a greater list of applicants.

Adding 2 more entries:

Application 7
Application 8

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