Livepeer Innovators Dao Round 1 grant application and how much is up for grabs

Livepeer Innovators DAO (LID) is rewarding individuals and teams who have previously built video applications and tools that benefit the Livepeer ecosystem. It doesn’t have to even be an application, whatever it is so far you are driving demand to the Livepeer ecosystem you can apply for this grant.

The first round of the grant is currently open and builders are very much welcomed to submit their application and then they will go through the necessary process of verification before going forward. Whether your project is open source or not you can apply for this grant and your application or project can be on any chain, any member of your team can apply so it’s not limited to core or team leads alone.
Multiple application submissions will be deleted so apply and wait for the Livepeer team to reach back to you and your team for further instructions. For questions you can join Livepeer discord and reach out to any of the LID administrators for more help regarding your round application.
Next will be a transparent voting process by the DAO community and the applicants that gets voted in will go through the funding process

The DAO will create a split contract taking funds from the Livepeer Tier 1 treasury and then pay out the funding to all of the accepted applicants all in one transaction on the Arbitrum Network.

Livepeer Innovators DAO aims to create a supportive and rewarding environment for builders who have previously contributed to the decentralized web3 video ecosystem. By providing retroactive grants, the DAO recognizes past achievements and encourages ongoing innovation. We invite individuals and teams to join us on this exciting journey as we shape the future of decentralized web3 video applications and tools.

As much as 4 million USD can be paid out in funding to a deserving application.
Why so much? This is to encourage more builders and promoters for the Livepeer ecosystem and enhance the decentralized web3 video ecosystem by supporting ongoing development efforts.