Missing tokens?

Hi there. Moved my lpt tokens in arbitrum one in metamask to kucoin address and they would not show up there. I checked in arbiscan and can see the tokens are deposited in the recipient address. Still, 1 week later, tokens not showing in kucoin balance. Any ideas? Thanks

Does kucoin support arbitrum deposits? I belive you sent them from arbitrum to their ethereum l1 address.

But I can see my deposit kucoin address credited bit LPT in arbiscan. That means that the deposit address that kucoin gave me is an Arbitrum address, right?

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arbitrum eth and layer 1 eth mainnet addresses are the same, but they are on two different networks. Kucoin only credits balances from thei eth mainnet address. You can see at etherscan.io that there are no any lpt on that account. You made a mistake and sent money on wrong network. You can ask their support to try get it back or just wait untill they implement arbitrum deposits support. Nothing to do with livepeer. Before you see kucoin deposit address there is a message: “Ensure that the selected deposit network is the same as the withdrawal network. Otherwise, your assets could be lost”. Reading is very important in crypto.

Thanks for your replies. So any suggestion on how to send LPT in arbitrum to eth so from there I can send them to Kucoi ? Thanks !

Please use the official Arbitrum Bridge to move your LPT from Arbitrum to ETH Mainnet. From there you can send the tokens to exchange that accepts LPT on ETH Mainnet.

If you do not want to wait the 7 day bridging period, you can also use a instant bridge such as DeBridge to move the tokens instantly. BUT there may be slippage as there can be low liquidity. Make sure you only use an instant bridge for small amounts.

Thanks Titan Node. I checked Arbiscan and my tokens are in the kucoin LPT erc20 address where I deposited them. Does this mean I still have a chance to recover them somehow? Again, I cannot see the tokens in my account in kucoin. Thanks

You will have to contact them and ask how to deal with it.

I know Binance charges a fee (I think $200) to either credit them to your account or send them back.

Not sure what their policy is.

Thanks ! The amount was small so I will just leave it there now :man_shrugging::+1: