Pre-Proposal: Fanteasy's Integration with Livepeer to Revolutionize Adult Entertainment

Fanteasy: Revolutionizing Adult Entertainment with Livepeer

Project Overview

Fanteasy is innovating within the adult entertainment industry by integrating Livepeer’s decentralized video transcoding and Storj’s distributed storage solutions. This combination significantly reduces infrastructure costs, enhancing our platform’s competitiveness by offering better pricing and revenue sharing with content creators. Our objective is to achieve user engagement on par with major platforms like Stripchat and Chaturbate, attracting thousands of concurrent users 24/7 and boosting demand for Livepeer’s services.

Impact of Livepeer Funding

While the adult entertainment industry is often seen as controversial, it is undeniably lucrative. For instance, Chaturbate alone generates approximately $1 million in revenue per day. The potential for revenue generation in this space is unmatched by any other content category. Securing a Livepeer grant would not only enhance our negotiating power but also reduce our dependence on traditional VCs, who often demand significant equity due to the industry’s controversial nature.

Moreover, we are in advanced discussions with a well-known adult platform that generates over $30M in revenue annually. This investor is poised to bring their substantial existing user base to our platform, which could dramatically accelerate our growth and market penetration.

The funding will allow us to expand our engineering team and hire a community manager, crucial for our planned launch by year’s end. This strategic expansion supports our ability to effectively manage growth and community engagement.

Current Platform Status and Development Expenses

A private demo of Fanteasy is already available to investors, featuring core livestreaming and chat functionalities. The platform has been under development for over a year, with current expenditures totaling approximately $200,000 USD. For a firsthand experience, you are invited to explore our Development Playground.

Token Launch

We are gearing up to launch our own token, $TEASY, by August of this year. We plan to allocate 5% of the tokens to partners, including Livepeer, as a token of collaboration and shared growth in the ecosystem.

Current Team Members and Experience

  • Evgeny: Founder with extensive experience in the crypto sector since 2015, previously with firms like Citadel, Bakkt, BlockFi.
  • Arben: Tech visionary and entrepreneur with multiple successful exits over $100M.
  • Pietro: Senior Backend Developer with a strong background in scalable, secure backend services.
  • João: Frontend Developer, specializing in creating dynamic and user-friendly interfaces.
  • Multiple Design Partners: Assisting with UI Design and Branding.

Founders are self-funding their portion, ensuring that all grant funds are directed towards expanding our development team and operational capacities.

Roadmap and Launch Plans

Our roadmap is ambitious, aiming to launch the platform in production by the end of this year. We plan to open it up for private, invitation-only testing by August 2024. All interested Livepeer community members will receive early invitations to participate in this testing phase, providing valuable feedback and ensuring robust platform readiness.

Budget and Funding Allocation

We are requesting 11,000 LPT tokens from the Livepeer community. Of this:

  • 1,000 LPT will be immediately shared with our existing developers as a bonus for their hard work and dedication.
  • The remaining 10,000 LPT will be used to support bringing the platform to full production. These funds will cover the costs of new hires, including two additional engineers and a community manager, critical for achieving our launch targets by the end of the year.

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A little bit of history: we initially applied to retroactive grant, but most DAO members didn’t think that this particular grant suits our project very well as we are not in production yet.
Going this route of directly applying was suggested by DAO members.
We are following this recommendation, happy to organize a community call and answer any questions you might have.

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Well, you got my vote. Because we all know what they say: Sex sells! I think this type of content is a sure thing to appeal to mainstream. Just look at Alexa ratings for the top 100 web2 sites, not to mention the popularity of OnlyFans.
Just make sure you have a technically capable and financially coherent framework for this proposal, which I see you are working towards by asking for help.

Best of luck!


Everything you’ve demonstrated is great, but, based on the ask, some things i’d like to see:

  • Clearer outline of marketing efforts (A platform called Xeenon had a similar rough outline and they ended up closing down).
  • Breakdown of your token, distribution, etc…
  • At least one call between media experts from the Livepeer community and your developers to understand how Livepeer will be implemented and to build trust with the community.
  • A working stream/demo on the dev playground, using Livepeer to transcode.

Moreover, we are in advanced discussions with a well-known adult platform that generates over $30M in revenue annually. This investor is poised to bring their substantial existing user base to our platform, which could dramatically accelerate our growth and market penetration.

While this is awesome to hear, it’s hard to quantify in the early stages and wouldn’t effect voting decisions, for me at least.



Thank you for a very detailed response.

  • On last item, the demo on dev playground is already using Livepeer and it is working. (log in, click on profile in the upper right corner → Create), from there you’ll be able to go Live, cam2cam, private session - all working using the latest Livepeer SDK.

I’ll get you answers to all of these after discussing with the co-founder. Will reach out on Discord on how t o setup a call with media experts.


I am actually testing this and I am very impressed. Streaming from browser is integrated as well as software streaming… UI is excellent. This might bring a lot of traffic… Player is excellent, latency with source is below 1s. transcoded around 5s. Live thumbnails… How about VOD? Best livepeer integration so far! How can I setup private stream? I am logging in from another account starting a private session, but from the other browser I can still watch this stream on the public channel.
I am very interested in tokenomics, I might even be interested to invest into this if tokenomics is attractive and allows that.


Ahh, got it. Neat. This looks really good.


I like the proposal and am all for the ecosystem bootstrapping demand-generating entities.

One thing I quickly want to point out is that any props about the streaming functionality (like browser-broadcasting, the latency of the source/transcoded renditions or the player) are provided by Livepeers’ SDK, so those props should go to Livepeer Inc for making it easy for video builders to build on Livepeer :).

I think 11K LPT is a fair amount and this is a fairly low-risk ‘investment’ since the project already has proven it’s dedication with their current prototype. However, I am slightly worried about the amount of buzzwords in the pitch deck and roadmap.
Like is AI really a core component of a porn platform? A marketplace for ai-generated NSFW images/videos seems risky (unstablediffusion has to put in a lot of effort to prevent people from generating real peoples likeness) and a different market alltogether than the interaction between creators and viewers your platform would give. I think this opens a whole other can of worms in how to monetize, moderate and market it.

Personally, I would take out as much web3 lingo as possible. You’re competing with Web2 platforms and from my experience web3/crypto is still highly toxic to people who are not ‘in it’.
It might scare off a big chunk of potential creators and viewers by marketing the project as ‘porn but web3 powered’ as opposed to simply highlighting the true USP’s of the platform, like direct ownership of content.

IE people don’t care about NFT’s or trading digital collectibles, they would come to your platform to consume or share their adult content. Using tokenized content to give content creators full control over selling access to their streams/videos/images is a nice feature which will convince creators to start using your platform, but the moment you call it an NFT marketplace you’re losing people in your onboarding funnel.


It’s a fair point on too much web3 lingo and AI. This is why the slogan we use is web3-enabled, web2-embraced. For example, connecting your web3 wallet is completely optional on our platform as we don’t want to shove it down anyone’s throat, but we want to create a pull effect for web3, for ex. if you do choose to connect your web3 wallet, you could claim your $TEASY tokens and be able to create digital collectibles. Notice on our landing page we don’t even call it NFTs. A lot of adult stars got rug-pulled by NFT industry in the last cycle and don’t want to come anywhere near it. Same goes for AI, but I have it in the roadmap as a lot of buzzword-focused investors want to hear that you have AI strategy. But maybe you are right and we should just remove it all together.


Awesome. And BTW there’s nothing wrong with tailoring your pitch deck to whatever audience you’re pitching towards. You could have a web3-investor and ‘normal’ investor targeted pitch deck. Good to hear that the platform itself will have opt-in crypto! Who knows it might convince some people that crypto is not all that bad :).
AI might be a bit too much, but if you can clearly explain how it fits in with your core processes it shouldn’t trigger any investors’ BS alarm. But starting small and focussed is something they might appreciate too. I think your platform is unique enough as it is.


This sounds like a VC type of investment which requires people with VC background doing a VC level of due diligence. Is Livepeer Treasury branching into VC investments? I might be out of touch on this subject.

Even if Livepeer Treasury is doing VC investments, it typically would require a lead investor sets the term and valuation first, Livepeer then would participate in the round if this deal is a fit. If Livepeer decides to participate in the round, the amount of LPT that you are asking should reflect the ownership that Livepeer will be given.

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This sounds like a VC type of investment which requires people with VC background doing a VC level of due diligence.

This is where I took pause too, not just with Fanteasy, but with other applications as well. We seem to be crossing into VC territory and that requires experience and commitment. I’m having a hard time picturing how that looks from the point of the treasury.

Livepeer is connected with some VC firms, which makes me wonder if there’s an opportunity for a VC SPE down the line.

What is the difference between tsunameme app and fanteasy? From my perspective both are to bring traffic into the network. Does livepeer have ownership in tsunameme app?

VC can invest if they find that attractive when it comes to revenue, but that is above the livepeer network level. Same goes for tsunameme, it got funding from the treasury and in exchange it may pay back in eth fees, but nothing more than fees. If it succeeds it will keep revenue for the app creators. Livepeer network wouldnt get a penny above fees from work.

Same for fanteasy, it may bring fees from work into the network, thats why it asks for funding from the network treasury. But it wouldnt share revenue with livepeer token owners cause treasury funding is not an IPO.

Even if that fails some of these LPTs will circle back to the network owners in the form of ETH fees. If that idea works out, more external fees will flow into the network.

Correct me if i’m wrong but tsunameme was incorporated into the AI SPE proposal as part of an overarching plan to demonstrate AI using Livepeer. This is entirely different to independent groups requesting large sums of money for a what is essentially an idea, which lands it in the VC domain.

Still, its mission is to bring eth fees from that app directly or indirectly by showing the capabilities for the other dapps. If you view livepeer network as an investor it should invest in the apps that bring money for its transcoding/ai services. VC however or other entities shoudl invest in the apps which are capable of earning money regardless of its infra services supplier. It is completely different level.

Tsunameme app is part of the AI subnet launch effort. Its goal is to bring as much traffic as possible (like you said) to the network and demonstrate the capability of the network. It is different from a typical startup which prioritizes commercializations such as (charging fees, user acquisitions, many other commercialization effort). And tsunameme app will be open sourced post launch. For the lack of better words, I would call it a “commissioned” project.

If this app turns out to be a success and we want to continue building on it, we’d need to go raise outside funding or apply for some sort of startup program if Livepeer has one. I would highly suggest Livepeer have one for the new AI subnet launch in order to boost the demand side.

Cloud infrastructure providers like google cloud or aws, they would provide infrastructure credits to subsidize 6-12 months worth of infra cost instead of directly giving money to startups to pay their employees.

Right, but this doesn’t apply to this topic though imo as these are two completely different funding cases. When we decide to approve funding for an independent company (if they’re even a company) that doesn’t have a product or users yet, we are now VCs, which is completely different to funding cases like tsunameme. This is why i suggest finding actual VCs and forming a VC SPE with a balance of Orchestrators so there’s proper experience and willingness to handle these asks, or Livepeer will attract some of the biggest grifters in Web 3.0.

Livepeer INC has its own funds, and own grant program. And you can view livepeer INC as a VC. But Livpeeer network and its treasury funds is a different “investor”. I don’t see anything wrong in deciding by livepeer network owners what should be subsidized from the treasury and Livepeer INC can decide what should be funded from their funds as well.

What is livepeer DAO then? Is it VC? It is not because it does not have its funds, but it is supposed to make due dilligence. I am really confused by all these formal parts of funding xD

You are right. Every owner is entitled to his or her own opinion of what the treasury should be defined and spent. And the vote will reflect the collective decisions of the owners.

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