Pre-Proposal: Fanteasy's Integration with Livepeer to Revolutionize Adult Entertainment

LID? It is retroactive funding for projects that have generated demand as specified, not ideas:

Projects that are eligible should drive significant direct or indirect traffic to the network.

We trail blazing up in here xD

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So what is livepeer INC with its proactive grants? Is it VC? Why should proactive grants be funded by livepeer inc funds only?

How many demand drivers has Livepeer inc funded with grants? Btw, Livepeer grants are capped at 15k, incomparable to asks of 500k+.

I think the Livepeer Grants Committee is actually LPT inflation funded not INC funded. It is just run by INC members if I am not mistaken.

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but they do not get inflation rewards for free, they had to stake some of their lpt?

Yeah, i’m sure the stake on that node is largely theirs.

They have 1m stake with 10 delegators so yeah maybe inc is giving away some of their inflation to fund the program

And they are free to do it, same as me or you. You can spend your money however you like. And same goes for the whole livepeer network owners when it comes to treasury. If they decide so by voting.


Absolutely. Go vote. But making an educated vote is a responsibility of every voter.

Let me try to expand on this topic of capital a little bit further:

Different capital has different purpose, success metrics and time horizons for return on the investments. Using Google as an example,

Google Ventures invest capitals into potentially high growth startups. The time horizon to get its return on capitals could be years (when startups get acquired, IPOed or tokens become tradable on large exchanges). Its success is measured based on the industry benchmarks in the venture capital industry. The startups do not bring any direct revenue to Google Ventures. The investment amount can be 1-5% of Google Venture’s entire fund and the startups can pretty much freely use the money however they see fit.

Google Cloud department gives out infrastructure credits to reduce the cost of early stage startups when they need money most. In exchange, the cloud department hopes its product is good enough that when the startups grow big, they will keep using the product without further subsidization. The return on the capital could be realized in a year or two if the startups have real businesses and remain using Google cloud. The success of the subsidization is measured by how much future revenue a startup could bring back. The amount of credits is usually small in the department’s annual budget and can only be used to pay for the infrastructure cost.

I am not involved in the all things Livepeer Treasury. I will leave the further elaboration to the right people on the team.

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I like the idea of giving studio credit grant, however it makes this proposal more complicated since 3rd party is involved. LPT would have to be sent to livepeer studio in exchange for free credits for fatneasy to use. That way we would ensure this grant somehow comes back to orchs. There are smarter heads around here, so I am sure that could be achieved. Maybe studio grant program SPE could be made for apps like this with its mission to subsidize infra costs instead of giving lpt away without further control?

Appreciate a very passionate discussion here, we are setting records in terms of comments, I’m taking this as a compliment that you see this proposal worthy of VC pitch.
From my perspective, avoiding VCs is exactly the goal, there is plenty of evidence that VCs are net negative for start-ups. And in adult industry, good luck playing this game, it is exactly the kind of industry where thinking outside the box goes a long way.
Keep an eye for final proposal in the next couple of days, lots of checkpoints have been added:

  • adding specific milestones all the way to production over the next 7 months
  • detailed breakdown of revenue fanteasy can bring to Livepeer
  • and getting paid from vesting contract where guardians will have ability to withdraw unvested balance if fanteasy doesn’t keep it’s promises

To be clear, I am not suggesting whether your idea is worth a VC pitch or not. It’s up to you to decide.

We were only discussing whether Livepeer treasury is a fit here.

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