Pro-active alert notifications: Version 2

Dear Livepeer community,

In January, Protofire launched the project to ensure visibility for token holders across transcoders they bond with, thus promoting smarter decisions. Today, we are glad to release 2.0

The features and improvements introduced add new benefits for LPT token holders and Delegates alike, enabling greater visibility and control over staking.


We noted that LPT token holders have certain limitations for tracking bonded Delegates:

  • A lack of easy-to-use tools and sufficient information to make the right decision when staking LPTs (bonding) to a Delegate;
  • Lack of more Delegates statistics;
  • A user can’t monitor the whole Livepeer network in order to find better Delegates to bond to;
  • A user is not aware of many events in the Livepeer network.


Brief list of new features:

  • The backend was strengthened by adding new resources such as the Livepeer subgraph hosted by the Graph Protocol (currently used by the Livepeer explorer) and new statistical calculations functions.
  • New calculated and aggregated information related to Delegates and rewards, for example:
    • ROI (tokens earned every 1,000 staked LPTs)
    • Historical rewards information and trends
    • Delegate business rules configuration changes (reward cut, fee share)
  • The system now supports up to nine different notifications:
    • Delegator is ready to bond
    • Delegator is in an unbonding state, notify rounds left to be able to bond again
    • Delegate changes the rules
    • Weekly earnings summary: every seven rounds, Delegator receives a summary of rewards per round
  • The user can now select the frequency of notifications between Daily and Weekly

This pictures shows the messages sent subscribers on the Delegate status changes per each round.

In addition, several bugs were fixed, as well as website and e-mail layouts were overhauled, improving the user experience.

You can check the complete change list on the changelog file.

For details on the Livepeer.tool v2.0, check out the project’s GitHub repo, completely open source.

You can read more here:

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