Pro-active alert notifications:

Dear Livepeer community,

Protofire is glad to announce the launch of (beta).

This tool is our first contribution to the Livepeer community hoping to make a positive impact on user adoption and network usage.

We encourage LPT token holders and transcoders to give it a try and provide us with your feedback.

Why is this tool required?

Currently, token holders have no easy way of knowing if the transcoder they bond to fails to call reward, and therefore one may miss out an inflationary token as a token holder without ever knowing it. Furthemore, token holders want to know how their LPT tokens are performing by having insight information on earnings.

As a delegator I would like to receive an alert notification every day that tells me whether my transcoder called the reward or not, and how much token I earned from inflation. I would like to receive this as an email and/or telegram notification.

As a Transcoder I would like to be notified if there was something wrong with my node and the reward was not called in the current round automatically (Bonus track. Feature coming soon).

You can read more here:




As one of the active transcoders, I’m feeling excited to give this a try!

I’ve been thinking about building something similar, especially the Telegram integration. I have a Telegram channel for my transcoder and it’s delegators and will try and push updates to it.

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Hi @chris-chainflow, I see your motivation in the post you mentioned:
As I shared in the Chainflow Livepeer Transcoder Telegram channel, I check rounds daily. That day I checked in the morning, then let more than 24 hours passed before checking again. As a result, I missed the round window. Again, I’m very sorry for this has a feature for you:
As a Transcoder be notified if there was something wrong with your node and the reward was not called in the current round automatically.

However this feature doesn’t notify your delegators, it is just for you. Your idea is great.
Probably we can make a proposal to get funds to develop it. Would you be interested in participating or funding it yourself? Ball park estimate: 350 to 450 LPTs.


I’m getting back to this now :slight_smile: Are any instructions on how to use this written anywhere?