Receiving rewards/earnings during unbonding period

Hey all,

I posted this question on the Protocol category, but no one replied, so I am reposting here.

I know what unbonding is, and currently the unbonding period is set to 7 rounds. I am wondering, when we initiate “unbonding” process, do we keep receiving our inflationary rewards during the unbonding period (for the amount being unbonded), or does it stop the moment we initiate the unbonding process?

For example, lets say currently I have 100 LPTs staked. Next round, I decide to unbond all 100 LPTs. So during the next 7 rounds, will I continue to receive staking rewards on those 100 LPTs?

I really appreciate anyone’s feedback on my question.


Hey blackwolf,
No, you will not receive any rewards for the amount that is being unbonded.

Thank you vires-in-numeris for your reply. It greatly helped.