Sybil attack prevention mechanism built for Livepeer

Hi All, I am building a SaaS product for web3 Sybil attack prevention. I am building my own L1 blockchain with the Cosmos SDK, Tindermint, and IBC. I am wanting to build bridges to other chains outside of the Cosmos Ecosystem. Right now, I am running my own chain locally. I plan to build a public test net with crypto Cosmos validators soon. I think Livepeer could benefit from my social graph constructs / blockchain verification mechanism that decrease gamification of video view counts originating from the same wallet address. Essentially, I am building tech that would allow Livepeer to know if someone is gamifying the views of videos from a specific wallet address.I want to level the playing field in web3, not just for Livepeer. Would there be any interest in this? Possibly a grant?

Initial steps -
Finishing flushing out the modules in my Cosmos SDK repo using Ignite CLI to bootstrap scaffolding (currently private)
Get third party PoS validators on board
Work on social graphs and blockchain internal wallet verifications
Launch test net
Use Gravity EVM Bridge / work with Livepeer www . gravitybridge . n e t
Build out a captcha like plugin that enables developer to use my chain

Hope this makes sense. I am here if you need me. This will be a lot of work. I think Livepeer could use this among other devs in web3


Hey, this sounds cool and like it could be useful for the Livepeer player and analytics capabilities. Could you explain more about how it would work?

@dob @hans
Hi All, Sorry for the delayed response. I needed to wrap up things with a client so I can delegate time to the software mentioned above.

In our Sybil Attack prevention SDK we plan to have web hooks and other async programs to do validation on our blockchain which would be embedded in your code via downloadable executable file(we also have a very rudimentary captcha gui being build out which can be leveraged if a dev does not want to code a UI, basically copy and paste) . Longer term plan will include a minified bundled NPM install style set up but I need to start small at first. It is more of a B2B software which is deployed to consumers. I would be thrilled to partner up with Livepeer as I see product market fit.

How it works for devs -

Download executable file → follow integration set up docs for → put the necessary scripts in your code which is corollated to a single arbitrary component, in the case of livepeer, it would likely be the Player component or a nested component of something similar.

How it works for users -

A users will need to do simple validation in order to by pass the captcha via a few js on-click events that streamline verification across our internal social graph and internal complex blockchain

I would love to get a grant and be heads down on this full time sooner than later. Thank you for your time. cheers :slight_smile: