Tenderize V2: Decentralized Liquid Staking for LPT

Tenderize v2 was just announced on Twitter! This new liquid staking protocol goes live on Arbitrum in October and is 100% permissionless. The protocol supports Livepeer (LPT) and the Graph (GRT). Tenderize recieved a $50k grant in LPT last year and shipped Tenderize v1 which attracted $700k of liquid LPT stake - v2 will follow on the successful deployment of v1.

Tenderize lets users swap and collateralize their staked GRT and LPT and is powered by three core products:

  1. Tenderswap - clearing house style DEX which buys LST’s from users

  2. TenderVaults - Mint and redeem validator-specific LSTs

  3. BeefBank - Borrow against their stake to mint steak dollars.

Tenderize is founded by Nico Vergauwen who previously worked at Livepeer as a Senior Protocol Engineer founded Livepool.
The permissionless approach lets any validator launch a liquid staking experience for their customers and then enjoy instant liquidity through TenderSwap for swaps or BeefBank for stablecoin loans.

Tenderize v2 is launching in October and seeking initial partners to stake to the hardware of their choice, through Tenderize v2. Initial stakers enjoy a bonus airdrop grant - Apply on the Tenderize website

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