Tenderize V2 Testnet is here - Liquid Staking for Livepeer

Dear Livepeer community, orchestrators and delegators. We are happy to announce the public launch of Tenderize V2 testnet!

Twitter thread announcement here. - We are eager to hear from the Liveper community.

Tenderize is a fully permissionless liquid staking protocol allowing users to liquid stake LPT, MATIC, GRT, and soon ETH with node operator/validator specific tokens. Tenderize enables liquid staking without compromising decentralisation, delivering a liquid staking experience as if it were enshrined into the protocols like Livepeer itself.

Liquid Staking Revolution… live on testnet

The biggest revolution in Liquid Staking is now live on Arbitrum Goerli testnet! cooking.tenderize.me/ is now available allowing chefs worldwide to see what the hype is about.

Key features of testnet

  • Token faucets to collect testnet tokens and begin exploring Tenderize v2
  • Liquid Stake to the orchestrator of your choice
  • Instantly unstake through TenderSwap
  • Unstake by waiting the unbonding period

How Tenderize benefits orchestrators:

  • Liquid staking for your delegators and yourself
  • Tap into permissionless, on-chain liquidity
  • Improve your capital efficiency and available cash flow
  • (Future) Use staked LPT as collateral and other LSDfi experiences

Benefits to stakers / Delegators Liquid stake your MATIC, GRT or LPT

  • Improved (liquid) staking experience
  • Instantly unstake at will, or wait for unbonding
  • (Future) Use staked LPT as collateral

Announcement Video During Staking Summit
Announcement video

Partnership Fill out the form
for bonus incentives when delegating or self delegating (as an orchestrator) through Tenderize at launch

Mainnet Launch Timing
The mainnet launch of Tenderize v2 is expected in early January. More details will be coming very soon.

Stay in the Loop
Join the Tenderize Discord to stay in the loop: Tenderize.
Or message me on Telegram (@nvergauwen) or Discord (nico.tenderize).