Transcoder Campaign: ETHBerlin Livepeer Node 0xF1F0


This post is about the Livepeer transcoding node being run to generate funds for ETHBerlin.


  • A computer (node) has been set up to run video transcoding software as part of Livepeer.

  • The objective is to raise additional funding for ETHBerlin

  • If you image your Livepeer Tokens (LPT) to this node, then the following will happen:

  • If more LPT are bonded to this computer, then ETHBerlin will receive more LPT.

  • If you don’t have LPT, you can find out how to get some below.

What is ETHBerlin?

ETHBerlin is a hackathon taking place in Berlin from 7-9 September. It is one of the ETHGlobal series of hackathons - Building our decentralized future.

How you can support ETHBerlin

If you are a holder of Livepeer Tokens (LPT), you can follow this link to the ETHBerlin Node on Livepeer’s Protocol Explorer, and select image in the top left, then follow the instructions

Please note, you will still be in full control of your bonded LPT, and can bond to another node whenever you like, or withdraw your LPT (with additional rewards).

If you are not a holder of Livepeer Tokens (LPT), you can earn Livepeer Tokens by helping to distribute some of the tokens to the community using this dApp in Livepeer’s Protocol Explorer.

How does it work?

Every day, new Livepeer Tokens (LPT) are generated by the network, to reward active nodes.

These new LPT are shared between all the active nodes in the network, proportional to the amount of tokens each active node has bonded to it.

What is Livepeer?

Livepeer is a project to create a decentralized system for livestreaming video, based on a delegated-proof-of-stake protocol running on Ethereum’s blockchain. The system is made up of a distributed set of nodes running Livepeer’s transcoding software.

Transcoding is the process of receiving video content in one format (e.g. 4K video = 3840x2160 pixels) and processing it to make it accessible to less-powerful devices with slower internet connections (e.g. 144p = 256x144 pixels)

To find out more, go to Livepeer’s homepage or Livepeer’s protocol explorer.

Transcoder Campaign: 0x34555 Livepeer Community Node - Berlin

Exciting news… as of round 1053, the ETHBerlin node is an active transcoder in Livepeer’s network!

The node just called reward, amassing a massive 0.008458835482720725 LPT for ETHBerlin.

Here’s the transaction calling reward.

If you have any Livepeer Tokens which have not been bonded to a node, you can support the ETHBerlin node by going to this link to clicking BOND.