Transcoder Feedback Forum

This thread is a forum for providing feedback to Transcoders in the network.


I am broadcasting on mainnet, and my stream has been assigned to transcoder 0x43793ab4A56E5d4c263e6320D59072e01819b6C9

But it seems that this Transcoder has not yet set its Service URI, required by the network since the 0.3 release.

If you are running this node, please run option 15. Set transcoder config and configure the Service URI.

E1015 16:46:07.484260 8271 eventmonitor.go:275] Error with header subscription for BlockWatcher: EOF
E1015 16:46:07.484394 8271 unbondingservice.go:111] Error with Unbond subscription EOF
E1015 16:46:07.484607 8271 jobservice.go:84] Error with NewJob subscription EOF
E1015 16:46:08.671853 8271 unbondingservice.go:116] Error with Rebond subscription EOF
E1015 16:46:08.906025 8271 unbondingservice.go:121] Error with WithdrawStake subscription EOF

what can l do ?

wow i love your idea

rewardservice.go:49] Error trying to call reward: abi: unmarshalling empty output