Transcoder err ,sometimes

E1015 16:46:07.484260 8271 eventmonitor.go:275] Error with header subscription for BlockWatcher: EOF
E1015 16:46:07.484394 8271 unbondingservice.go:111] Error with Unbond subscription EOF
E1015 16:46:07.484607 8271 jobservice.go:84] Error with NewJob subscription EOF
E1015 16:46:08.671853 8271 unbondingservice.go:116] Error with Rebond subscription EOF
E1015 16:46:08.906025 8271 unbondingservice.go:121] Error with WithdrawStake subscription EOF
^CI1015 16:47:53.797622 8271 livepeer.go:312] Exiting Livepeer: interrupt

This sort of error usually appears when the node can not connect to a synced blockchain. Are you connecting to a local Geth light node, or Infura (default)?

i used to get those error quite a long time ago… i fix it by connecting to Geth light node, use the latest release, and sometimes - i need to restart the software.