Video DAC - start of 2020

Happy New Year from Video DAC.

I hope you all had a good chance to rest before what promises to be a big year for Livepeer!

Video DAC has been quietly active in recent weeks and months, but is now ready to share some progress with the wider Livepeer community.

What we’ve achieved so far

  • Blueprint for an Infinite Digital Stage product.

    • This helps users with basic command line skills to get started with Livepeer as a video infrastructure
    • This intentionally removed any mention of Ethereum or Crypto-currency.
  • Set up an Infinite Digital Stage to output a test signal for developers to use for developing applications:

    • You can play the stream with this command ffplay
    • You can also play it via with domain routing via ENS and player served on IPFS
  • Delivered a very simple MVP Single-Channel App for Android Smartphones / TVs

    • You can see it in action in this video. Focus is on the simple.
    • iOS coming soon, and early research going into tvOS and watchOS
    • Thanks to Mulili for working on this. He came to us via Gitcoin!
  • Scoped out an initial roadmap for the Infinite Digital Stage.

    • This focuses on helping Viewers, Publishers and Stage Operators get more from Livepeer.
    • There’s something for everyone in there - from artists to sysadmins.
  • Created some “work in progress” defined in the Issues for the Github Repo. Why not dive in and take a look at anything which might interest you to collaborate on.

  • Software to allow any Aragon DAO to democratically decide to stake LPT to a Livepeer Orchestrator.

    • this aims to be a starting point for individuals to collaborate more widely on governance of Livepeer
    • You can find more about this in a previous post from Video DAC.

What next?

  • Build the core: we will focus on evolving the Infinite Digital Stage, as the core of the Video DAC product offering. Helping people to set up their own Stages, and also to incorporate new

  • Demonstrate the core: we will show a wider internet community the Infinite Digital Stage, and demonstrate the capabilities, and how this can empower individual independent video technologists.

  • Build around the core: we will encourage development of old and new concepts to allow a broader set of users to interact more comfortably with Livepeer, via the Infinite Digital Stage

  • Decentralise: invite a group of Delegators and supporters to participate in creating a structure for cooperation, aimed at governing some of Video DAC’s operations.

Here is the roadmap for the Infinite Digital Stage.


Resources worth looking at, to help understand Video DAC some more:

Delegate LPT to Video DAC

You can support this project by delegating your LPT to Video DAC’s Orchestrator:

First, connect a wallet by clicking “CONNECT WALLET” in green:

I recommend Portis for beginners to crypto, and MetaMask for more advanced users:

When connected, click “APPROVE” in green:

Your wallet will prompt you to sign a transaction - it will look similar to this:

Proceed when you understand what you are doing.

Once approved, enter the amount you would like to stake to Video DAC, and click “STAKE” in green:

Your wallet will ask you to sign another transaction.

Once you have confirmed you are happy to proceed, you have completed the staking process.

Look out for the confetti - that’s when you know you have been successful.