Which transcoder sells most broadcasting time?


I wish to support the transcoder(s) who generate the most fee income from broadcasting. How can I identify them? Any suggestions, please?


Fee is determined by “price” per segment that the transcoder set. Then there is “fee share” which determine how many percentage of the fees collected being distributed to every bonded node. All of these term may changes after the streamflow release.


Is there any way to estimate how many segments have been processed?
Or the rate at which they are being processed?

Because in absence of a volume figure for sales, the sales price and revenue split unaided are insufficient to permit forecasting the likely return to staking.


Hey. You could perform a calculation by inspecting all of the DistributeFees() events in the protocol. Scout.cool will let you filter a list by selecting only that event, and then observing the transcoders.


All that said, fees are low right now as a result of mainnet being used mainly for demonstrations and testing, prior to the Streamflow release. After Streamflow it will be far more practical to execute the strategy you suggested of supporting nodes that are maximizing fee returns.


Thanks for the advice.

Using “Scout.cool”, I scraped a spreadsheet comparing the fee generation activity of all transcoders currently “active” on Mainnet.

As you warned, “broadcasting” has been limited to some modest testing/demo activity (clustered late January 2019), so comparisons are hardly meaningful yet.

Except to note, with some disquiet, how few broadcasting transcoders (about 5), have been active on Mainet. Perhaps others have been testing elsewhere?

I look forward with interest to the impact of Streamflow.