Can't Migrate Bonded LPT from L1 to L2 - Bug?

I’m trying to migrate my bonded LPT from L1 to L2 using Livepeer Explorer.
I’ve connected my wallet (Metamask) but when I initiate the migration, I’m never prompted to confirm the transaction in my wallet.

“Initiate Migration
Confirm the transaction in your wallet. Note that the gas estimate shown in your wallet will include both the L1 fee and a small amount of ETH to cover L2 execution.”

I am having exactly the same issue. Can someone help us? I would like to delegate my LPT, but I can’t recover them.

If you’re still having that issue @atomicharri and @charqus, I suggest you join the Livepeer Discord (if you haven’t done so already) - someone else is having the same issue and a team member (Chase) is trying to help them there (in a “no transaction” thread in the #general channel).

PS: Be careful in Discord not to click on any so-called support links.

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I am having the same issue