Delegating, Missing LPT

I apparently, im new to this, delegated my LPT; I’m not dure. When i go to ethscan I see the transfer to a "Livepeer.Developer. What did I di wrong? I see no indication of where they went or ownership. Is this fixable?

Hi, I’m not entirely sure I understand the issue. Did you stake on Also, Livepeer is on the Arbitrum network, so you’ll need to bridge your LPT and a bit of ETH for gas before you can stake.

I’m not entirerly sure either; therefore this message.

All I have solid is the etherscann, it shows an address where it went, I think.


What was the process you went through to Delegate? Did you bridge your LPT to Arbitrum?

I thought so; but I’m not sure. I can provide the page with the address it went to…

If you bridged to Arbitrum, you should be looking at Arbiscan, not Etherscan:

There’s a guide in the docs explaining how to bridge: Bridge LPT to Arbitrum - Livepeer Documentation

Once you have LPT and a bit of ETH on Arbitrum, you can stake using

If you walk me through the process you went through step by step, I can try and help.

All I’ve found was this:

See attachment

All I can say is that I thought I was staking. The address it went to should indicate where it went.

Next time please include a link to the transaction, it’s very cumbersome to manually copy over the transaction ID from a screenshot.

From what I can see from this transaction, you did not stake the tokens. Rather, you transferred them to this wallet. This wallet does not belong to any Orchestrator (nor have they ever interacted with Livepeer’s smart contracts) so it seems likely you got scammed out of your LPT. If you do not own this wallet, there is no way to recover these tokens.

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